The Ashes and Snow Art Exhibition Journeys the World


Ashes and Snow is an exhibition of photographic artworks by Canadian photographer and filmmaker Gregory Colbert. The exhibition debuted in 2002 in Venice, Italy; it consists of more than 100 large-scale photographic artworks, one 60-minute film and two 9-minute films exploring the natural interaction between man and other animals in their own environments and on their own terms. Colbert’s images attempt to recover a lost time when man and other animals shared a common language.

Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta, Georgia

In 2006, Electrosonic completed an 18-month project for the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, providing all the AV hardware for the world’s largest aquarium, including a 4D theater. The profile below is descriptive of the Georgia Aquarium as of 2006. For Electrosonic’s most recent work with Georgia Aquarium, please check out AT&T Dolphin Tales.

The Georgia Aquarium features about 100,000 animals representing 500 species from around the globe housed in over 8 million gallons of fresh and salt water. The aquarium’s plaza is highlighted by five stacked bands of Barrisol fabric forming a wave-wall on which a teaser video about the five galleries is projected using double stacked Panasonic PT-D5500UL edge-blending projectors hung 40 feet in the air.

The Curse of DarKastle – The Ride at Busch Gardens

Williamsburg, Virginia

The Curse of DarKastle is a dark thrill ride located in the “Germany” part of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. In 2005, Electrosonic engineered the audio, video, projection and show control elements of the ride, making extensive use of products from its Media Networks range at the time.

The Curse of DarKastle transports guests through a grand Bavarian castle frozen in time. Following a pre-show that introduces the legend, guests board eight-passenger “Golden Sleighs” for a mesmerizing journey through the castle’s ghostly chambers. The ride vehicles, of which there are 15, are equipped for full multi-axis motion and rotation, and computer-controlled to synchronize with the projected imagery.

Land Rover Discovery 3 Dealer Launch

Stockholm, Sweden

In 2004, Electrosonic provided an amazing 3D illusion, employing the Pepper’s Ghost technique to celebrate the launch of the Land Rover Discovery 3.

The Land Rover Discovery 3 Dealer Launch event took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The presentation was given 54 times over a period of 74 days in a specially constructed theater that was based on the use of the Musion® Eyeliner projection system.

STAR TREK: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton

Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2004, Electrosonic provided the show control, projection and audio-visual systems for the Borg Invasion 4D addition to STAR TREK: The Experience. Presented by Paramount Parks at the Las Vegas Hilton, it was the first attraction to use 2K digital cinema projection in 3D. The show officially closed on September 1, 2008.

STAR TREK: The Experience allowed visitors to tour a futuristic research facility, but while doing so, the drones of the Borg Collective attempted to capture and assimilate them. The presentation was a clever mixture of live action, electronic projection and special effects.

Space Park Bremen

Bremen, Germany

In February 2004, Electrosonic completed one of its largest ever systems integration projects at Space Park Bremen in North Germany. Electrosonic was responsible for the audio, video and control for the general exhibition areas, parkwide sound, and for five of the main attractions. Due to a lack of attendance, however, the park closed in September 2004.

Space Center at Space Park Bremen was the brainchild of Dr. Wolfgang Wilke, a nuclear physicist from EADS Space Transportation. The project was taken to completion by German Architects RKW, operating company Space Betriebs GmbH and an in-house design group headed by Bill Gorgensen. Phil Hartley Associates was contracted to Space Betriebs GmbH to oversee the audio-video installation on their behalf.

Alton Towers

Staffordshire, UK

Alton Towers, in the middle of England, is the UK's most visited theme park. It is part of the Tussauds Group. One of the attractions in the park was a 3D Cinema, which first opened in 1981. In 2003, Electrosonic converted the system from film to electronic projection.

Alton Towers' original 3D Cinema installation used a split frame technique, whereby a single 70mm film carried both left and right eye images. Tussauds wanted to reduce maintenance costs, and maintain a more consistent image quality by changing over to an all-electronic system.

PandaVision at Efteling


Efteling is Holland's major theme park that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002, and a new attraction that opened that year was "PandaVision", developed in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

PandaVision at Efteling features a 70mm 3D movie shown on a 20m (65ft) wide silver screen. Electrosonic provided the projection and sound system based on Kinoton projection technology. Two of the automatic rewind projectors run in frame lock, and the film is in the "squarer" 8-perf format, that has a significantly bigger film area.

Corkscrew Hill

Williamsburg, Virginia

In 2002, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, opened a show that broke new ground in High Definition 3D imagery with a system provided by Electrosonic. Never before had full motion video been presented at a resolution of 1900 x 1280 in 3D on a screen as big as 44 feet x 30 feet (13.4m x 9.1m).

Corkscrew Hill was the lead attraction in the Ireland Country at Busch Gardens. The show was written and directed by Jeff Kleiser and Diana Walczak. The projection and show control system was engineered by Electrosonic, and was based on High Definition Server technology.

St. Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar


Nearly 40 years ago one of the first projects that the newly founded Electrosonic completed was a Son et Lumière for St. Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar. Over the years the system was upgraded piecemeal, but in 2002 the Government of Gibraltar decided on a complete refurbishment of the lighting and sound systems within the cave. The profile below is descriptive of the system up to the time of opening in 2002.

St Michaels Cave is situated at 300 meters above sea level, in the Rock of Gibraltar, and has interested visitors to the area since Roman times. The Cave was often reputed to be bottomless or part of a link to Africa, 15 miles away, and it has been the subject of many myths and stories through the centuries. With nearly a million visitors a year to the Cave, it has been one of the most popular visitor attractions in Gibraltar since World War II.