Electrosonic Presents Technology Session at TEA’s SATE 2015

Tony Miceli of Electrosonic presented a session titled "Waking Up the Senses" at SATE 2015, the Themed Entertainment Association’s (TEA) annual experiential design conference. The two-day event took place September 17 to 18 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

Electrosonic's Paul Kent was also on hand as the SATE ’15 Technology Segment Chair to speak on this year's theme of "Explode the Experience." The event brought together creative thinkers, producers, suppliers and decision makers in the attractions industry.

Miceli's “Waking Up the Senses” explored the effects that various sounds, scents, temperature changes, air flow and, in some cases, irritants, have on transforming what might be a passive experience to an aggressive assault on all the scenes that can transport a guest to a desired designed altered reality. Miceli shared his 25 years of experience in the themed entertainment and attraction industries, including his work for Universal Studios creating effects for the Jaws attraction, the Terminator 3-D attraction and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Tony Miceli is Electrosonic's Executive Consultant and Paul Kent is a senior consultant in the company’s entertainment team.