Aggreko plc, UK

The World’s Largest Temporary Power Generation Company
Glasgow, Scotland

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Aggreko plc, the world’s largest temporary power generation company and a major supplier of temperature control equipment, have a three-year global Managed Service Contract and several UK-based AV Maintenance agreements with Electrosonic.

Aggreko plc

Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, Aggreko required a more scalable and cost-effective Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) solution to encourage greater uptake of their video conferencing service.

The Aggreko video conferencing estate is managed by Electrosonic’s VNOCs based in Dartford, Canary Wharf and Burbank, USA. Electrosonic provides a proactive 24/7 managed service for both Polycom video conferencing infrastructure and endpoint devices. Initially Electrosonic was asked to support several office locations on the American continent; over time this has been expanded to support the client’s global estate in over 40 locations.

Due to the nature of Aggreko’s business and their commitment to protecting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint, they have a heavy reliance on being able to manage their estates through a remote support model. The close partnership between Aggreko and Electrosonic allowed the development of a unique set of remote services which helped Aggreko achieve its environmental policies whilst reducing their overall management fee significantly.


As Aggreko grew, they required more video conference endpoints. To avoid the additional expense of adding more end points under the original service contract, Electrosonic created a new sustainable service model which allowed Aggreko to keep the cost of adding more video conference endpoints to a minimum.

Electrosonic’s VNOC makes video conferencing easy to use. Backed by a team of audio/video experts and professional customer support staff, our managed service is designed to ensure the best possible video experience and maximum uptime. To ensure all elements in the video conferencing ecosystem are able to perform optimally, Electrosonic provides first-class customer facing services as well as disciplined behind-the-scenes monitoring and management. The overall goal is to deliver a committed, consistent, sustained and excellent video-meeting experience for all users, independent of where they use it or which vendor’s equipment is involved.

“I have worked with Electrosonic’s VNOC team for many years now. Each year they continue to proficiently deliver to Aggreko specialist managed video conferencing services.” - Fraser Dorward - Enterprise Infrastructure Architect

The Services

The service contract includes a range of services including:

  • 24x7 end point monitoring and management
  • Infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Provision of concierge video conferencing, meeting scheduling and launching service
  • Conferencing services (video call scheduling, operator meet and greet, quality monitoring)
  • Preventative maintenance of video conferencing rooms
  • Help desk support to include a globally positioned Service Operations Center (SOC) to respond to customer questions
  • Select locations supported with a comprehensive off-site maintenance package
  • End user training and documentation
  • Reporting

The success and adoption of the Aggreko video conferencing service depends on several key factors that the Electrosonic VNOC support team delivers.

  • A reliable and consistent end user experience
  • A single point of contact for all support requirements
  • Usage and productivity reporting
  • Always on and always available