Beeld en Geluid – Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Hilversum is the major center of broadcast media production in Holland. Its Media Park is now home to the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid. Beeld en Geluid looks after 70% of the Dutch Audio-Visual heritage, comprising 700,000 hours of material. The building contains the archive in an underground vault; above ground, research facilities and public areas are housed in a huge cube decorated with striking images.

The 138ft (42m) wide Media Panorama dominates the exhibition space

The public accesses the Institute’s resources through the Beeld en Geluid Media Experience, an exhibition of 15 themed areas which between them give access to 10,000 hours of archived images and sounds. As they enter the exhibition visitors purchase an interactive ring which they use to “log in.” Subsequently the ring is used to activate the interactive exhibits, and the system keeps a record of the choices made. When the visitor gets home the visit can be reviewed over the Internet.

The themed areas present material from the archives. “Feel like a star” introduces stars from past programs, and allows visitors to appear in front of the cameras and be a star for 15 seconds!

More seriously “Power of the media” shows how the relationship between politics and the media has developed, and “The world as a village” explores the influence of media developments on daily life. “This is the news” emphasizes the size of the news industry, and has “green screen” exhibits where visitors can become newsreaders.

"Gogglebox children" the exhibit on children's TV programmes

Every hour the lights in the main exhibition area dim down, and exhibit screens display a message announcing that the “Media Panorama” show, presented on a huge motorized roll down screen 42m × 4m (138ft × 13ft) is about to begin.

The Audio-Visual system behind Beeld en Geluid was engineered and installed by Electrosonic under sub contract to the Making a Scene consortium. 42 equipment racks were built at Electrosonic’s Dartford facility and installed in four control rooms on site.

The Media Panorama show uses six Electrosonic MS9200 genlocked High Definition players both as sources and to provide the image edge blending.

Where school-childproof handsets are required, AVC- Electrosonic heavy duty handsets are installed.


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The log-in stations


The Beeld en Geluid Building