Beyond Rubik’s Cube

AV technology provides a new twist on the famous puzzle
Jersey City, NJ

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“Beyond Rubik’s Cube,” opened in Jersey City, New Jersey, to celebrate 40 years (in 2014) of the colorful Rubik’s Cube in a traveling exhibition with audio-visual design, integration and installation by Electrosonic. The 7,000 square-foot exhibit, with 24 areas featuring AV support by Electrosonic, is set for a seven-year international road trip after 11 months at Liberty Science Center.

Rubik's Cube

The exhibit features three exploration zones with the themes of Invent, Play and Inspire. They offer tantalizing puzzles, robotic manipulations, music, art and original artifacts, which become creative platforms for the exploration of Professor Ernő Rubik’s cube and the culture it has inspired.

Electrosonic coordinated with a number of media producers to create an exhibition that can easily travel worldwide. A unique system provided by Electrosonic enables the Science Center to act as host, remotely monitor the exhibit and update content when it travels. Twenty tablets run interactive apps as exhibits, and can be configured for different languages.

The exhibit begins as visitors enter through a passageway where multiple cameras, motion sensing devices and projectors with ultra short-throw lenses generate real time expanding geometric images in response to people walking into the exhibit area. Professor Rubik is quizzed about his famous puzzle in an interview seen on a 55-inch portrait-oriented monitor, and a Solve Bar enables visitors to solve the riddle of the cube on 55-inch LCD touchscreens.

Rubik's Cube

A 55-inch multitouch table offers visitors the chance to tackle designing their own twisty puzzle; a 100-inch multitouch table is big enough for eight or ten players to collaborate on making tessellation patterns. The Cube Culture exhibit is outfitted with multiple monitors located alongside display cases of vintage cube-related ephemera, displaying videos about the history of the Rubik’s Cube and commercials that helped make it a marketing phenomenon.

Bright yellow guest stations with mounted speakers in the Cube Symphony exhibit enable visitors to create their own symphonies as they rotate two cube controllers. Another area features a wall mosaic created from hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes. A large panel on the floor adjacent to the mosaic displays a video about the mosaic artist and his work projected by multiple DLP projectors.

Rubik's Cube

Electrosonic has created a mobile control room for the exhibit located in a corner of the exhibit space and can be moved anywhere. The exhibit uses a system controller and tablet control app.

“Beyond Rubik’s Cube” was developed by Liberty Science Center. Richard Lewis Media group provided the linear media pieces, Blue Telescope and Unified Field provided the interactive elements, and Motion Picture Company provided the entry feature. Electrosonic was hired by exhibit fabricator Maltbie, a kubik Company.