CBS Outdoor: The Urban Panels Network

Manhattan Subways Get a New Look
New York, NY

The infamous storefronts in Manhattan might have found its match. Peppering subway entrances throughout Midtown Manhattan are 85 panels consisting of 57 inch Suncutter LCD displays in one side and Ceelite backlit transparencies on the other with high definition content and MS 9500 HD Frend appliances furnished by Electrosonic. The Urban Panels Network devised by CBS Outdoor is a new type of street fixture similar to billboard advertisements.

The displays are housed in conditioned sealed enclosures suitable for the outdoor environment. Content is delivered to the displays over a Verizon EvDO wireless network. Electrosonic iMediate software is used to update content, organize playlists and scheduling, and the harvest the playback logs for proof of delivery.


One of 85 panels throughout New York at Manhattan Broadway subway entrance


The displays show high definition content from Electrosonic MS9500 HD FrEnd network appliances


LCD display panel outside of Macy's