Georgia Aquarium

AV Technology Enhances World’s Largest Aquarium
Atlanta, Georgia

In 2006, Electrosonic completed an 18-month project for the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, providing all the AV hardware for the world’s largest aquarium, including a 4D theater. The profile below is descriptive of the Georgia Aquarium as of 2006. For Electrosonic’s most recent work with Georgia Aquarium, please check out AT&T Dolphin Tales.

The Georgia Aquarium features about 100,000 animals representing 500 species from around the globe housed in over 8 million gallons of fresh and salt water. The aquarium’s plaza is highlighted by five stacked bands of Barrisol fabric forming a wave-wall on which a teaser video about the five galleries is projected using double stacked Panasonic PT-D5500UL edge-blending projectors hung 40 feet in the air.

Georgia Aquarium

4D Theater
The Georgia Aquarium’s 4D Theater offers a unique experience to up to 250 guests per show by combining 3D HD video, live actors and interactive special effects synchronized to the video. Electrosonic furnished the theater with two Christie DS+8K projectors, a 20x35-foot Stewart screen, ESCAN show control, Fostex D2424LD audio playback, eight audio channels with Renkus Heinz speakers, and a Bag End quartz subwoofer.

Cold Water Quest
This gallery profiles the rich variety of marine life found in cold ocean waters. For the Beluga Theater, Electrosonic provided a Christie LX25A projector and Draper screen off to the side of the tank. Electrosonic also furnished a pair of NEC WT610 projectors for a client-supplied screen at the back of the giant Pacific octopus exhibit.

Georgia Explorer - Discover Our Coast
This gallery brings Georgians up close with the horseshoe crabs, sea stars, stingrays and shrimp living offshore. Electrosonic provided four interactive kiosks with 19-inch ELO touchscreens and 19-inch Philips monitors for the Georgia sea turtles and Red Horse Sucker TV exhibits. A Christie LX25A projector and an 80-inch Draper screen were installed in a theater displaying a video on Right Whales.

Ocean Voyager - Journey with Giants
Electrosonic furnished the Christie LW25U projector and Draper screen for the HD video pre-show; at the tunnels exit point video teasers about the fish in the exhibit are projected onto the wall with two Christie LX25as and two LX32s. The gallery’s Open Ocean Touch Wall is a 6x18-foot display of six screens, custom built by Electrosonic out of tempered glass, which are butted together to form a continuous panel. Epson Powerlight Cinema 200+ projectors provide rear-projection video of animated fish; touching the glass transforms the screens into touchscreens triggering informative pop-ups. For the Open Ocean Theater, Electrosonic provided two Christie LX32 projectors with Navitar long-throw lenses projecting onto two Draper screens.

River Scout - Freshwater Mysteries
This gallery focuses on the rivers of Africa, South America, Asia and, closer to home, Georgia. The Arawana fish exhibit features a Stewart plexiglass rear-projection screen, a Christie LX37 projector with a 0.8 lens at the back of the fish tank and a Clarity Bobcat 41-inch LCD monitor. Three NEC WT610 projectors display videos on the electric fishes of African and South American rivers on client-supplied rear-projection screens at the back of the tank.

Tropical Diver - The Coral Kingdom
This has been called a gallery of living art. Electrosonic supplied two Christie LX32 projectors for two screens flanking the entrance to the gallery which play synchronized video. The gallery’s Coral Reef Theater includes two Clarity Bobcat LCD monitors and eight interactive kiosks with touchscreens ELO Touch 19 LCD touchscreens.

Georgia Aquarium