John Deere Pavilion

Moline, Illinois

The John Deere Pavilion in Moline IL, recognized as the world’s most comprehensive agricultural exhibit, provides visitors an interactive hands-on, climb-on experience. The focal point in the Pavilion’s reception area is a videowall that displays a short high definition film called “Anthem,” which runs continuously throughout the day.  Silver Oaks Communications, also of Moline, recently upgraded the display, installing Electrosonic equipment for both source and image processing.

The John Deere Pavilion displays old restored tractors and other implements as well as new machinery.  These machines are very large and are required to move in and out under their own power, so the HD videowall has to be movable to allow the changing of displays. The wall is based on a 3×2 array of Mitsubishi 67 inch DLP™ displays driven by an Electrosonic VECTOR™ processor.  The film, produced by Bad Dog Productions, is run from an Electrosonic MS9100P high definition player. The videowall can also show other content, for example presentations, for special events.

Managing the multiple sources and their layout is Electrosonic’s VECTOR processor and COMMANDER software package.  VECTOR drives the wall outputting high-resolution, full-motion graphics to the Bounty Wall in digital format.  The system was integrated into the Pavilion’s existing sound system.