Kennedy Space Center "Exploration Space"

Kennedy Space Center, FL

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Exploration Space, the first attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to examine the future of space exploration, combines live theater, interactive exhibits and new media components to engage and inform audiences about the next 20 years in space exploration. Exploration Space was designed and produced by BRC Imagination Arts in conjunction with Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts and NASA. The Design Consulting team at Electrosonic designed the exhibit’s entire AV system, including projection, audio, video and show control.

The 10,000-square foot Exploration Space features some of the most technically complex exhibits at the Visitor Complex. Exploration Space is configured with a live theater environment and numerous exhibits that engage visitors when no live show is underway. For example, interactive kiosks designed by Electrosonic host computer game stations where visitors can test their maneuvering skills.  Using throttles and shifters, players attempt to dock their vehicle to the International Space Station in “ISS Rendezvous” and try to achieve a safe and soft moon landing in “Lunar Lander.”

The exhibit, “Your Destination,” provides a portal into the universe.  Electrosonic designed a giant 12x8 foot window to a rear projection screen that gives visitors the impression of viewing the moon and Mars from deep space. Electrosonic also designed five 15-foot acoustically transparent screens that display an informative video loop about space and the stars. Two additional 15-foot screens demonstrate “Space Dangers,” such as an asteroid hit or an oxygen leak in the spacecraft, and “Surface Dangers,” such as dust and wind hazards on the moon or Mars.

“On The Shoulders of Giants” features extensive animation displayed on a 65-inch LCD monitor, and points out how the next generation of spacecraft will improve upon the work of previous generations.

Content is displayed on 15 foot projection surfaces. Each displays large-scale media that communicates visually to guests, with little to no text.

Twice every hour, the exhibit space transforms into a live theater environment for “Explorers Wanted,” a live show that inspires visitors to become a part of the NASA mission. Electrosonic designed a series of fixed, geometrically shaped screens to display the show. The primary content is shown on a large center screen and a secondary circular screen, stage right.  Two additional projectors also display content on 4 trapezoidal screens, which grow progressively larger in size as they arc over the top of the main screen.

Twice an hour a host conducts a high-tech multimedia presentation about recent discoveries and the future of space exploration.

As visitors prepare to exit the attraction they are invited to “Stay Connected” at sign-up stations in four interactive kiosks designed by Electrosonic. Their images are captured by webcams and composited inside astronaut helmets in shots showing them performing various space-related activities. Visitors get to see their astronaut selves on 24-inch monitors and can email the fun shots back home to friends and family.