Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Entry Area

AV Systems Welcome Visitors for Take Off
Titusville, FL

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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which offers visitors interactive and educational activities to explore the U.S. space program, recently reconfigured the entry area into the park. Electrosonic was brought on board by Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts, which operates Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on behalf of NASA, and worked closely with Whiting-Turner Construction to provide the audio-visual design, infrastructure, equipment and programming for the background music, audio messaging and video signage for ticketing and guest relations services.

Kennedy Space Center Entry Area

Electrosonic’s system implements QSC’s Q-Sys Digital Signal Processing (DSP) unit, which is a powerful yet simple and green solution for audio processing, control and management, and provides 128 channels of audio playback park-wide. The system creates audio players in the software, minimizing the equipment footprint and power usage in the rack room. In fact, Electrosonic was able to combine two EER rooms into one smaller space. Q-Sys communicates over a network with Q-LAN, allowing any device to share information, and as the park expands, more audio can be added via a network connection.

Kennedy Space Center Entry Area - Voyagers

Electrosonic’s Design Consulting team was involved at the very start of the project, serving as the AV consultant to architects PGAV. Electrosonic outfitted the retail building, Voyagers, with 11 speakers and a subwoofer connected to amplifiers in the EER. Twelve speakers were also installed in the entry/exit turn-style area, another dozen in the self-service ticketing kiosk area, and four, including two subwoofers, in the fountain area.

Kennedy Space Center Entry Area - Fountain

Digital signage is also prominent in several areas; the ticket stations and information area each feature two 32-inch high brightness, outdoor-rated LCD displays for graphics and information about tour packages and special events. Four speakers and a paging station complement the signage. The Welcome Center features an identical configuration, and the ticket booths boast four LCD displays and eight speakers. Additionally, two 32-inch LCDs displaying historical rocket and pop culture images from the 1960s form part of the scenic wall treatment of the covered patio adjacent to the Rocket Garden featuring the Rocket Garden Café.

Kennedy Space Center Entry Area

In all cases, the displays are fed by a video player located in the EER via fiber with HDMI/DVI video and serial control. Media is controlled by a media server application running on a PC in the EER, and the displays’ start and end of day routines are controlled by the system controller.