Kuwait's 360 Mall

Setting the Mood for Fun
Kuwait City, Kuwait

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The 360 Mall’s Family Entertainment Center complex located in Kuwait features an all-around immersive mall experience that offers top-of-the-line rides, the latest video games and skill tests for the entire family. Electrosonic designed, supplied, installed and programmed extensive LED lighting, digital signage, video projection, special effects, audio and show control for what has become a go-to destination in the desert emirate.

Electrosonic set the mood for fun in Infunity where 67 LED fixtures wash the games area and generate excitement with color changes.  An entire wall of 18 displays, comprised of a 103-inch plasma screen surrounded by smaller LCD displays, forms an art installation in the middle of Infunity’s large atrium. Infunity also features what is believed to be the largest LED wall in Kuwait; a 10mm, 7.68x4.8 meter LED video wall that primarily displays advertising, but is also equipped for live feeds such as the FIFA World Cup games from South Africa. Electrosonic also furnished smoke and snow machines and strobe lights for the roller coaster, the rope course and the climbing wall.  In the kids’ play area, projected images on the floor combine with touch technology to enable children to interact with content of popping balloons and swimming fish.

Visitors enjoy live feeds of sports games at Infunity.

The complex’s 20 lane Bowl Room is designed to fulfill the desires of any bowler. LED fixtures in each lane point upward and wash the ceilings, and also shine through a Plexiglas floor to illuminate a separate gaming area with pool tables. Chandeliers may be an unexpected addition to a bowling alley, but nine custom fiber-optic chandeliers provided by Electrosonic feature more than 3,500 individual strands of color-changing fiber. The tables in the dining area offer buttons, which guests can push to stop the chandeliers from changing colors and start flashing a red and white pattern to catch the attention of servers.

The North Pole motif of the Freeze Club offers a unique venue for Kuwaiti teens with arcades, video games and simulators. An interactive video wall at the entrance features two projectors, interactive cameras and tracking systems that permit young guests to interact with the content.  A laser system installed by Electrosonic recreates the Aurora Borealis on the domed ceiling and is enhanced by smoke effects.

Throughout the complex, over 100 speaker arrays provide background music.  Infunity, the Bowl Room and Freeze Club each have a central control room. Infunity’s control room also includes a DJ booth with a window overlooking much of the facility.

360 Mall’s Family Entertainment Center complex was created by Tamdeen Entertainment Company and designed by Concept i Design.