Land Rover Discovery 3 Dealer Launch

3D Illusion Celebrates Land Rover Launch
Stockholm, Sweden

In 2004, Electrosonic provided an amazing 3D illusion, employing the Pepper’s Ghost technique to celebrate the launch of the Land Rover Discovery 3.

The Land Rover Discovery 3 Dealer Launch event took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The presentation was given 54 times over a period of 74 days in a specially constructed theater that was based on the use of the Musion® Eyeliner projection system.

This system produced an amazing 3D illusion, allowing virtual objects to be superimposed on real ones. The system was based on the well-known Pepper’s Ghost illusion, but used proprietary technology to produce huge seamless images.

The variant used for Land Rover required a High Definition video image as the virtual image, and for this purpose Musion Systems used an Electrosonic MS9100P HD player.

Land Rover