Los Angeles Regional Traffic Management Center

Los Angeles, California

Caltrans has recently opened its Los Angeles Regional Traffic Management Center (LARTMC) to provide observation, management and incident response for the freeways of Caltrans District 7. The AV systems and overview displays at the Center were engineered and installed by Electrosonic, working to specifications prepared by consultants Delcan Transportation.

There are six areas within the Center which are AV equipped. Most impressive is the Command Center which has a display system consisting of two LED message displays, two 3 × 2 cube videowalls, and one main videowall 4 × 3. The main videowall display structure is from ADF Visual displays using XGA Christie RPMS D100U projectors fitted with long throw lenses and the side cubes are Christie XGA 50 inch cubes.

In common with traffic monitoring systems worldwide, LARTMC uses a huge number of video cameras. This results in the need for a PESA 576 × 192 NTSC router that routes selected images to the main display and to the other areas.

In order to make the system manageable, Electrosonic has built an Access/SQL database to manage the camera information. This is driven by a Creston control system that provides a user interface for the video sources, the videowall display, and additional routers for RGBHV computer images and for audio signals.

The main videowall uses an Electrosonic VN-QUANTUM™ processor to scale and position any required combination of video and computer images.

The other areas, including two conference rooms, a dispatch center, a training room and a meeting space, use a mixture of 50 and 63 inch plasma and 46 inch LCD displays, and share with the command center the ability to view and record any audio and/or video source connected to the AV system.