Muhammad Ali Museum

Louisville, Kentucky

Electrosonic scored a knock out at the new Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky where it teamed with Cortina Productions of McLean, Virginia, which managed production of the exhibits’ AV components, to supply the AV hardware and control systems employed throughout the Center and in numerous exhibitions spanning Ali’s life. In addition to providing and installing the audio-visual equipment, The Muhammad Ali Museum also secured an all inclusive service contract with Electrosonic.

The project presented Electrosonic with several challenges.  Many of the projector throw distances were very short and displays called for large images on curved or odd shaped screens so projection systems had to be precisely placed.  The openness of many exhibit areas also required that the audio be balanced correctly so visitors could hear the content.

Electrosonic also had to cope with delays in building construction.  “That gave us less time to install and still meet the opening,” notes Electrosonic’s Jim Maddux who served as project manager.  “We ended up working side by side with the rest of the construction team.  Drywall was installed and painted at the same time the projectors were installed. 

The operation of the Center’s AV system is dependent on Electrosonic Media Networks ESCAN Show Control software.  Electrosonic installed two ESCAN systems, one in the Orientation Theater and one in the control room, which runs the AV equipment on the fourth and fifth floors.  “Most of the source material is played back from either a Electrosonic Media Networks SD or HD video server,” explains Maddux.  “ESCAN was selected for its reliability, functionality and ease of use for the end user.” 

ESCAN Scheduler initiates the start and shutdown of all exhibit AV systems and controls most of the equipment in the racks plus has an input from the Center’s fire alarm system which will mute the audio and video of the entire system in an emergency.