NASCAR Hall of Fame

Charlotte, North Carolina

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The 150,000 square-foot NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina celebrates the history and excitement of racing by honoring the legends of NASCAR. The Design Consulting team at Electrosonic worked together with the project group led by Ralph Appelbaum Associates to create an engaging and cutting-edge audio-visual experience. These audio-visual elements include touch screen interactive exhibits, the Hall of Honor, the 278-seat Belk High Octane Theater, directional speaker systems, and giant interior and exterior video displays.

Entrance to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the giant LED board.

Electrosonic designed a hard card equipped with RFID technology to be provided to each visitor upon entry. Visitors can insert this hard card into numerous stations throughout the museum to create user profiles, compare interactive game scores with other visitors, and keep track of which exhibits they’ve visited.

The hard-card ticket with RFID technology facilitates a unique vistor experience with interactive content.

The Belk High Octane Theater features an intense 12-minute video projected onto a curved 64-foot wide screen. To capture the frenetic energy of a NASCAR race, Electrosonic designed three DLP projectors into the system and reinforced the immersive video with more than 10,000 watts of sound, allowing footage of cars rumbling from one end of the screen to the other to come to life.

The Belk High Octane Theater

The interactive exhibits allow visitors to partake in NASCAR activities, such as changing tires, and provide fun games for guests to learn more about NASCAR. The Media Broadcast Area allows guests to broadcast races live through touch screens, headsets, monitors and consoles. In Period Milestones, guests experience a bit of NASCAR history by answering trivia questions through touchscreen interactive stations. With over 75 interactive exhibits in the museum, Electrosonic designed directional audio systems with narrowly focused speakers, which were crucial in eliminating excessive noise overlaps between exhibits.

Interactive car

Interactive race shop engine

The Great Hall exhibit features a 14x18-foot Fan Billboard composed of 252 high-resolution video tiles displaying live race videos and interactive media. As visitors walk up Glory Road, they are faced with an array of video displays that enhances the multitude of historic cars on display. The road ultimately leads to the Hall of Honor. Electrosonic designed a 16-channel projection system to enhance this exhibit where Hall of Fame inductees are enshrined.

Electrosonic also designed the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s fiber optic backbone to ensure maximum signal quality and resolution end-to-end and developed a centralized control system for easy functionality and power savings via nightly shutdown. Throughout the project Electrosonic partnered with local AV contractors in a small-business initiative that kept a significant amount of purchasing in the Charlotte area.