Port of Los Angeles

Electrosonic Enhances the Port of LA Visitor Experience with AV Expansion
Long Beach, CA

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The Port of Los Angeles is one of the busiest cruise ports on the West Coast, with Disney Cruise Line and other major cruise lines calling at the World Cruise Center.  With the news that Disney Cruise Line planned to relocate the Disney Wonder cruise ship from Florida to Los Angeles, Electrosonic was tasked with the creation of an audio, video and show control system that could accommodate this new addition to the Port of Los Angeles.

Electrosonic’s Design Consulting team was initially brought on board to develop the new system, and once the design was approved, Electrosonic engineered, manufactured, installed and programmed the new system. As part of a multi-million dollar renovation, Electrosonic crafted digital signage, created a kids-friendly videowall and installed a zoned sound and paging system.

“One of the main challenges was scheduling,” says project manager Guy Fronte.  “As is often the case, a cruise ship was scheduled to berth on a particular day, so all of the trades had to carefully coordinate and complete their work to clear the path for others to access the venue.” This work also included training the operators on the digital signage system so that they were capable of running the equipment seamlessly on the opening date. Electrosonic’s vast experience from past installations involving the cruise line industry ensured that the scheduling challenges were managed and did not cause any delays with the installation.

Port of LA

To handle the new and improved audio, video and control systems, Berth 93’s original control room was renovated to incorporate two new cabinets of equipment. Key components of the audio, video and show control system included NION n6 audio processing and QSC amplifiers located in the control room, and AMX NI-2100 controllers with NXD-700Vi touchscreens located throughout the facility.

Port of LA

Berth 93’s digital signage is displayed on a compliment of flat-screen LCD monitors including two 65-inch monitors, nine 52-inch monitors and twenty-four 29-inch monitors. The system is sourced from a combination of external playback devices.  Electrosonic was also asked to configure a videowall to entertain children waiting to board the cruise ships.  The large 2x2 LCD display and its content is a major attraction for the kids.

Additionally, Electrosonic created a zoned sound system for pre-recorded and live announcements for passengers.  It features 24 digitally steerable loudspeaker array systems and 22 ceiling speakers installed throughout the berth.

Port of LA

Electrosonic’s new audio, video and control systems ultimately help to enhance the visitor experience and assist the port authorities when communicating with the passengers. With the new expansion, the Port of Los Angeles is now busier than ever.