President Lincoln’s Cottage

Washington DC

Located in Washington, D.C., President Lincoln’s Cottage is the historic site where President Abraham Lincoln stayed with his family when not residing at the White House during his presidency. It is the location where Lincoln wrote the second draft of the Emancipation Proclamation. Today it is a national monument open to the public featuring media exhibits and presentations to celebrate the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

Working with the exhibit development team  assembled by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Electrosonic Design Consulting designed a system to support an immersive tour that includes audio and video presentations in the exhibit area. The audiovisual experience includes speakers, plasma displays, and projection.

To create a special experience for the visitors, the tours are led by docents who provide unique accounts and interesting stories associated with each artifact and area of the cottage. In order to allow the docents to set their own pace for the tour, RFID tags and RF remote controls were included in the design to allow them to initiate steps in the audiovisual presentations as they move through each exhibit area. The RFID tag allows the control system to detect the docent’s location, which then triggers the control system to cue up a series of steps in the presentation.

A master controller with a touch screen interface was also included in the design to allow for system maintenance and changes, including volume controls, as well as basic daily operations such as system start up, shut down, and tour initiation.