Reimagining Surfaces Using 3D Architectural Projection Mapping

Orlando, Florida

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During the 2011 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) tradeshow in Orlando, Florida, Electrosonic hosted an exclusive industry event highlighted by a spectacular 3D architectural projection presentation on the side of the Crowne Plaza Universal Hotel. Architectural projection mapping is a technique that can turn almost any physical surface into an animated video display.

3D Architectural Projection IAAPA 2011
With the help of some custom video media and an array of high powered digital projectors, over 300 guests watched the 14 story tall hotel come to life.  The building pulsated up and down, windows appeared and disappeared, and the building appeared to crumble apart. Multi-colored balls cascaded out of the windows and morphed into paper airplanes that flew across the ever shifting backdrop. Guests marveled at the vibrant colored tiles that appeared to be part of each window. At one point, a giant claw crane arcade game used the sponsors’ logos in place of stuffed animals. Everything from cosmic fireworks to shadow puppets seemed to spring out of this magical building.

Chris Conte, Electrosonic’s VP of Entertainment echoed the overall visual experience, “What an event! Not only was the visual experience outstanding, but this type of event reiterates our leadership in the industry.  Our team of professionals consistently implements the latest in cutting-edge technology to create memorable experiences.”


3D Architectural Projection IAAPA 2011

3D architectural presentations of this magnitude require thoughtful preparation.  The initial step was to conduct a digital building survey of the façade.  Using a highly accurate laser measuring device, JMR Surveying Group obtained the exact dimensions of the building including the position of its windows and other major architectural features.  This digital map was then provided to Mousetrappe, a media design and production company, who created the custom video content and audio for the show.  Electrosonic also used the measurement data to create a 3D projection study and a detailed pixel map to figure out exactly how many projectors were required and where these projectors needed to be located. 

A scaffold erected 210ft (64m) away from the building housed the four Christie projectors that were edge-blended and warped by Electrosonic to create a seamless image on the 115ft (35m) tall by 68ft (21m) wide building.  7th Sense supplied the multi-channel media server used to playback the video material and JBL supplied the sound system. Christie Digital was the premier sponsor for the event and provided the projection equipment. 

Scaffold for 3D Architectural Projection IAAPA 2011

The Electrosonic team, working with their partner companies, produced an amazing display and created a night to remember for everyone in attendance.