Santa Barbara County Emergency Operations Center

AV Technology Facilitates Emergency Response
Santa Barbara, CA

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The County of Santa Barbara’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) helps the county maintain a state of readiness to manage emergencies swiftly and effectively. Before its construction, the county operated without a dedicated facility, resulting in several hours of setup before operations were functional. Now, the new EOC features extensive audio, video and data support provided by Electrosonic to facilitate the sharing of information from various internal and external sources, such as news media, incident maps, live video streams and operational reports.

Santa Barbara EOC

“Santa Barbara County went from a 1,600 square-foot trailer with a projector and a small TV to a new 11,000 square-foot building powered in part by green energy,” says Electrosonic project manager Jeff Galatro Sr. In addition, a mobile tablet allows direct control over all AV components and displays throughout the EOC via the secured Wi-Fi network. The graphically intuitive nature of the tablet’s control system interface provides the EOC staff with more time to focus on making quick emergency response decisions.

Santa Barbara EOC

The Incident Management Room, the main operations center for the county’s emergency management staff, is designed with flexible seating configurations for approximately 40 people from county and municipal agencies, and features a primary display consisting of three wall-mounted front projection screens to accommodate widescreen images from three ceiling-mounted video projectors.

The Management Conference Room and the Breakout Room accommodate synchronous video conferencing and multimedia presentation. Both feature a 70-inch, wall-mounted display for presentation use, and the former has an additional two 55-inch wall-mounted displays for video conferencing. A flip-top cable enclosure in each conference room table has inputs for a laptop and portable AV sources.

Santa Barbara EOC

The Joint Information Center uses a ceiling-mounted projector as the primary display with a wall-mounted flat-panel serving as a backdrop for press. Audio for all the aforementioned rooms is reinforced by a distributed system of ceiling-mounted loudspeakers.

Electrosonic also supplied the Media Distribution System within the Telecommunications Room, which includes sources such as direct broadcast satellite, off-air antenna, cable television, DVD player, OFCI WEBEOC feeds, and video conferencing codecs.

"Electrosonic provided engineering, installation and support services that removed barriers, allowing critical information to be easily shared by the EOC and county staff," said Michael D. Harris, Emergency Operations Chief of the Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Management.

Electrosonic Service Solutions provides service coverage, which includes 4-hour response time, unlimited service calls, full equipment coverage and two preventative maintenance visits annually.