The Science of Survival Exhibition Crosses the Pond

The Science of Survival Exhibition

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The Science of Survival is a thought-provoking exhibition that makes imaginative use of interactive techniques. It was considered so important that two identical exhibitions were built in the United Kingdom and United States. While both were designed in London, construction was carried out simultaneously in the UK and USA. Electrosonic Ltd (UK) designed the AV system and built the AV system for the UK based exhibition, which first appeared at London’s Science Museum; while Electrosonic Inc (USA) built and installed the AV System for the USA based exhibition, with its first appearance at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ.

A Walk Through the Exhibition
The theme of the exhibition is a look at what the world may be like in 2050. While in no way minimizing the problems ahead, the exhibition demonstrates the many ways by which Science can help solve the problems. The idea is to motivate visitors with the idea that everyone can contribute to a sustainable future.

On arrival, visitors are given a card that is their key to the exhibits. This is an RF (radio-frequency) tag that initiates both the interactive displays, and allows all responses to be tracked. The first part of the exhibition is the “briefing." Here visitors meet their guides, Buz, Eco, Tek and Dug. These are “friends from the year 2050” each having different ideas about how we could approach the challenges of the future. The guides ask the visitors’ help in finding solutions to the challenges ahead.

The main exhibition is devoted to five fundamental aspects of daily life: drinking, eating, enjoying, moving and building. Each subject area poses some of the problems and demonstrates some of the possible solutions. The interactive nature of the displays encourages visitors to think how they themselves can contribute to the solutions.

The Finale of the exhibition is “Future City.” Here the solutions that the individual visitor has adopted throughout the exhibition are collected with other visitors’ ideas, and the resulting “Future City” is displayed, showing the kind of neighbourhood that can be expected in 2050.

The AV Kit
The configuration of the AV system is based on the fact that the exhibition “tours” and there must be flexibility in how the different exhibit modules are laid out. For this reason, each exhibit area is self-contained. Any central source equipment for an area is mounted in “road racks” to facilitate rapid installation and easy transport. The exhibits are all networked (because the tag data must be transmitted between them) and this facility can optionally be used for the central control of exhibit power up and power down routines.

It was a client requirement that all equipment would work on all world electricity supplies, and that the equipment used should be well recognized and fully supported on both sides of the Atlantic. Since Electrosonic operates internationally, having support locations close to both the first exhibition sites in this particular case proved to be an important factor