Star Trek: The Experience

Dome Projections Takes Shuttle Craft into the 24th Century
Las Vegas, Nevada

Electrosonic engineered two dome projection systems for Star Trek: The Experience attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1997. The $70 million attraction opened in January 1998 and closed in September 2008.

Star Trek: The Experience, designed and produced by Landmark Entertainment Group, adjoined the Las Vegas Hilton’s Space Quest Casino and was a joint venture between Hilton Hotels and Paramount Parks. For Star Trek, Electrosonic designed and installed two fully automatic dome theater projection systems operating in the 8 perf/70mm format. The systems used custom-built projection lenses and Christie projector heads with electronic transport control.

Star Trek: The Experience

Picture courtesy of Landmark Entertainment Group.

In fact, the “passengers” in the space shuttle craft were completely unaware that a movie system was being used; the illusion of flying through space was excellent because there were no screen boundaries, other than those formed by the big windows of the “spacecraft” itself. The Electrosonic Burbank-based team was involved with the project from the design phase, when they created a layout of the theater geometry using a computer model.