Trafik Stockholm

Stockholm Upgrades its Traffic Management
Stockholm, Sweden

Trafik Stockholm (a joint venture between the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Road Administration, Vägverket) is responsible for traffic management on Stockholm City streets and on the state roads in Stockholm County and Gotland. Cameras, sensors and information systems that can be used to manage traffic have been set up along the major highways and in tunnels.

Night time view of the Stockholm traffic

Trafik Stockholm’s new control room display, engineered and installed by Electrosonic, is designed so that operating staff can take maximum advantage of the information flow coming in to the control room. The display is 2m high and 11m wide (6ft 8in × 35ft 8in) and is made up of 16 Mitsubishi 67 inch SXGA+ (1400 × 1050) projection “cubes”. It receives its inputs from an Electrosonic VN-QUANTUM™ videowall image processor. 36 real-time video inputs, 2 real-time RGB inputs, and 8 additional RGB inputs (delivered over standard Ethernet using Electrosonic’s VN-GLMPSE™ technique) can be shown simultaneously on 19 high resolution displays.

There are 800 cameras in the system, and images are transmitted over networks using Teleste MPEG-4 compression equipment. At the control room the images are decoded using Teleste MoRIS decoders. Selecting which images are to be shown on the display is done by a combination of Electrosonic’s VN-COMMANDER™ software and a custom application, CTS, developed for Trafik Stockholm by Serco.

Two outputs of the image processor feed multiple image signals to a remote site. The headquarters of Vägverket itself are at Solna, some 2km away from the Trafik Stockholm control room, and staff there need to view real time full motion imaging from the control room. This is achieved using the Electrosonic VN-MATRIX™ streamer which is able to transmit high resolution real time motion images with negligible latency at low bandwidth.