UK Highways Agency

Keeping Highways Moving
United Kingdom

The UK Highways Agency is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England. It has a number of Traffic Management Centers that monitor traffic conditions and take corrective actions when required. The centers are run in conjunction with the police and emergency services.

In 2005 the Highways Agency decided to install overview displays in five of these “Regional Control Centers” at Godstone, South Mimms, Nottingham, Wakefield and Bristol.

Electrosonic won the contract to provide the displays. Two factors were important; image processing performance and service. Electrosonic demonstrated that it has a highly regarded service operation that would help ensure both uninterrupted operation and known costs for a five year support period. The Agency’s demanding service criteria included 99.8% system availability and a 4 hour response time 24/7.

While the control rooms have different formats, the underlying principles are the same at each site. Image processing is by Electrosonic’s VN-QUANTUM™ processor, which gives exceptional image quality, and accepts a huge number of sources (these installations can typically show 48 real time video sources simultaneously, and as many RGB sources as required). RGB sources are delivered over standard networks using VN-GLIMPSE™adaptors.

The client specified the display cubes after demonstrations at Electrosonic. Mitsubishi displays are used at Bristol, and Toshiba displays at the other sites. Electrosonic worked through Tyco and Computacentre as main contractors, supervised by Atkins Highways and Transportation and Mouchel Parkman as consultant project managers.