Wynn Macau Hotel and Casino

The Atrium Show Prospers at the Wynn
Macau, China

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Housed in the atrium of a new wing of the casino at the Wynn Hotel & Casino, the Tree of Prosperity show begins when music starts playing. Soon, a 65-feet wide ceiling iris, with the Chinese horoscope sculpted on it, opens to reveal an LED display of abstract video. The action then shifts to the ground floor where a copper dome, with the Western horoscope sculpted on it, opens and a 65-feet tall golden tree rises from a vault below the floor. The magical tree rotates to the music until the show ends and all the mechanical elements return to their home positions.

Electrosonic provided audio, master show control, an intercom system and a closed-circuit video surveillance system for the complex Tree of Prosperity Show. Electrosonic engineered and installed the components for this spectacular attraction, which is unlike anything anywhere else in the world. 

Electrosonic’s audio complement, consisting of Crown amps and JBL speakers, was fairly extensive with eight main speaker positions and subwoofers installed on the mezzanine level to play the music for the attraction.  Four effects speakers, which play back sounds like shimmers are linked through a slip-ring connection.  Three additional effects speakers are suspended from a cruciform structure that also supports the chandelier plus four tweeter effects speakers that move as one with the light.

A comprehensive closed-circuit video surveillance system also ensures that the attraction is working, as it should.  Twelve cameras located throughout the atrium are routed to a 42-inch LCD display and three 20-inch LCD displays in the second-floor control room where technicians maintain oversight of the show.  The larger display shows one big color image while the smaller ones have four multiplexed images each.


Download this project profile as a PDF