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AV Technology

Electrosonic prides itself on its innovative nature and continuous ability to push the boundaries of audio-visual technology. We continually research and test new and existing technologies and equipment to help guide our clients in the right direction on their projects.

When a desired solution requires specialized knowledge, Electrosonic brings together its resources from all its global offices to find the best expertise for a specific technology. Regional offices then coordinate the efforts and find the most suitable solution to meet the criteria of the client while taking into consideration the local requirements and the unique characteristics of the market.

Integrated technologies include:

  • HD Displays
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Projection Systems
  • High Frame Rate Projection
  • 4K Resolution Displays and Projection
  • RFID Tagging
  • Synchronised PDAS
  • Special Effects
  • Audio-visual Show Control
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • 3D and 4D Theatres
  • Dark Rides

Nature Research Center

The NRC in North Carolina offers live presentations, interactive exhibits, and a massive visual canvas made up of an immersive multimedia structure cantilevered onto the building and spanning three stories with a 40 by 40-foot HD screen.

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