Lamp Program

Efforts to ensure that your projectors are up and running when you need them often fail because of a broken lamp. Electrosonic’s Lamp Replacement Program makes certain that your projectors are always ready for operation and your regular lamp replacement process goes as smoothly as possible.

Highlights of Our Lamp Replacement Program

Effortless Replacement and Timely Delivery
We guarantee that your lamp is in stock and delivered promptly.

High Quality Lamps
The majority of our lamps are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplied through our vast vendor network. We only use lamps that meet or exceed the OEM standards.

Prompt Delivery
Electrosonic will keep and maintain an inventory of your projector lamps to ensure prompt delivery.

Competitive Pricing
Our volume buying power ensures that cost savings are passed on to our customers.

Environmental Aspect
Eliminate the hassle and cost associated with the hazardous disposal of old lamps and help the environment.

Additional Services
We also offer projector calibration, maintenance and lamp installation.

Our Lamp Program is Green

Our lamp program is green and environmentally friendly. As part of our program and at no additional cost to our customers, lamps containing hazardous waste are recycled through a certified waste management company.