Aichi Expo

Seto City, Nagakute Town and Toyota City in Aichi, Japan

Few Americans have understood and captured Nature’s Wisdom with more success than Benjamin Franklin, so BRC Imagination Arts enlisted his help as the “star” of the USA Pavilion. Audiences see “The Franklin Spirit” in which Franklin visits the world of 2005 to celebrate his 300th birthday.

Visitors first see a “pre-show” presented on two portrait screens in an area dominated by the figure of Franklin himself. They then move into the main theater to see an amazing mixed media show that uses all the stagecraft for which BRC Imagination Arts is so well known. The audience doesn’t need to know that the show uses 10 projectors on a mixture of front and rear projection screens, because they are simply immersed in the story; sharing the amazement of Franklin (himself the inventor of bi-focals and a pioneer of lightning research) as he experiences the technical, social and agricultural advances that have taken place since the 18th Century.

Electrosonic was subcontracted to BRC Imagination Arts to provide the show audio video and control system. The pre-show and main show is designed to run in precise sync – indeed one cannot run without the other. Overall show control is by Electrosonic ESCAN™, and all projectors are fed from Electrosonic MS9200P High Definition players running in frame sync. Another feature of interest at the USA Pavilion is the large LED (11ft x 33ft) display on the exterior of the building. This display, together with three large plasma displays in the queue area, runs topical material from the pavilion sponsors and is continuously updated. Two Electrosonic MS9100 High Definition players are used running with Electrosonic iMEDIATE™. This allows the displays to be updated by media providers Long Branch Group direct from Washington DC back in the USA.

In the show Ben Franklin appears and disappears, he conjures up lightning bolts and acknowledges that the 21st century is the most exciting time to be alive. The audience is spellbound, while being educated and entertained.