Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie goes HD

Alton Towers (Tussauds Group) has opened a new attraction for the family. Electrosonic was a member of the production team, and engineered a novel high definition projection system that features in the finale.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride (designed and produced by Tussauds Studios) takes families on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of Willie Wonka’s wondrous chocolate factory. It is based on the classic Roald Dahl book and the original Quentin Blake illustrations.

The first part of the attraction is a boat ride; this takes visitors through the factory in a succession of scenes from the book. Each boat is fitted with a battery powered audio system designed and built by Electrosonic.

Sensors detect the passing of boats and initiate the required lighting, animation and ambient audio sequences for each scene. These include the “Juicing Room”, the “Chocolate Room”, “Candy Frenzy” and the “Inventing Room”

Disembarking guests take a short walk through another part of the factory before boarding the Great Glass Elevator where they are whizzed through the heart of the factory and beyond in an exhilarating virtual tour.

This fully immersive illusion of flying in the elevator is created using a “virtual environment” consisting of a themed space with back projection screens on all four walls and the ceiling, augmented by a moving floor system providing “heave”, “roll” and “forward/backward” movements. The space is 6m square and 3.4m high.

This part of the attraction was realised by a team that included Falcon’s Tree House, who, with nWave Digital provided the very lively and incredibly detailed show content. Phil Hartley Associates provided project management.

Electrosonic engineered the projection system, which is based on Christie DLP™ projectors and Electrosonic MS9200 High Definition Video players. Paradigm was subcontracted to Electrosonic to provide the screen structure and the moving floor was supplied by Rexroth Bosch.


The Great Glass Elevator, finale of the Chocolate Factory Ride


Entrance to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"