Nokia Flagship Stores

International Dialing

Nokia has opened flagship stores in Moscow, Helsinki, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong and Mexico City. These are exciting places in which to socialize and to handle the latest Nokia products. They make stimulating use of sound, lighting, streamed video and interactive techniques. Electrosonic was responsible for the AV integration, and service support for the completed installations.

Nokia Store in Hong Kong in ambience lighting

Each store features ribbons of 46inch LCD displays (typically as many as 36 of them). The content is highly programmed, and designed to work in synchronization with the color lighting and the audio programming. Each display has its own computer source that can have its video content updated by a site server. Program updates are distributed to the stores by broadband internet.

When visitors to the stores pick up one of the Nokia products, surprising things happen. The display in front of the cell phone shows “pop-ups” that describe the phone and prompt the visitor to explore its features.

Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki, Finland

Technically the system is interesting because it uses the store security system to provide the trigger for the interactive response. All the products on show have security tethers that double as power feeds; the security system detects both when a product is lifted from its cradle (triggering the interactive display) and when a tether is broken. An AMX control system is used to provide an operating interface, to initiate lighting and audio commands, and to transfer the security system data to the networked computers.

Nokia itself directed the creative process of developing the stores. Execution of the store fit-outs was in the hands of  P2 Group (shopfitters) Electrosonic (AV) Beam.TV (video content and programming) Two-dot-one (interactive pop-ups) and Safeway (security system).

Products on display at Nokia Store in Chicago