The Place

Electrosonic VECTOR and HD Players drive 14.5 million LEDs in Beijing.
Beijing, China

Electrosonic MS9200P High Definition video players and VECTOR image processing are being used to drive a vast video canopy that has recently been installed in the central business district of Beijing.

The 6000 square metre (nearly 65,000 sq ft) canopy consists of 14.5 million LEDs which, when fully driven draw a total of over 2MW. The 200m × 30m (656ft × 98ft) canopy is 25m (82ft) above floor level. The open circulation area which it covers forms part of a major new building development, "The Place". The canopy is used at night and has a light background to allow it to act as a surface for special lighting effects when it is not showing images. In addition there is large vertical LED screen that is used conventionally during the day, and which shares the same source and processing system.

The display was engineered by Opto Tech Corporation of Taiwan, with the LED panels being made in its Suzhou factory. Opto Tech chose Electrosonic as their image processing and HD image source partner because of Electrosonic's considerable experience in this kind of installation, and because of the outstanding performance of VECTOR in respect of image scaling for multi-section displays.

For the "Big Show" the highest possible image quality is achieved by having five synchronized High Definition sources. Shows are being developed as special attractions that will run at set times - the first has been produced by CCTV (China Central Television).