Sitka Auditorium

Sitka Auditorium is the newly designed theater space located at Sitka High School that accommodates both high school and community special events. Electrosonic Design Consulting designed an audio visual system capable of supporting live performances, speech presentations, video presentations, program monitoring, intercom, and assistive listening.

Line array speaker clusters were specified as the main system speakers for their wide-dispersion coverage and high gain before feedback. In addition to the main left and right speaker clusters, sub-bass speakers were located at the top of each cluster to allow the system to reach lower frequencies down to 24Hz for improved dynamics. Additional front fill speakers and ceiling speakers were specified in the design to evenly cover the large venue. To control the audio playback through the speakers, a digital mixing console was included in the design to allow flexibility in processing, routing, mixing, effects, recalling presets, and future expansion.

A 12,000 lumen, 3-chip DLP projector was specified as the main auditorium projector. It was designed for both front projection and rear projection applications. The specified lens achieves an image approximately 31’ wide when rear-projecting from the US projection bay at the proscenium, and an image that will fill the 48’ proscenium when front-projecting from the control booth. Video cameras and intercom systems were included in the design to allow for program monitoring and communication in the backstage and house areas of the venue.

Electrosonic Design Consulting provided a very sophisticated design to meet and exceed the needs of most high school auditoriums. Working in conjunction with John Sergio Fisher & Associates, Electrosonic delivered the requirements necessary to build and operate a highly functional presentation space.