Suzhou Sky Screen

Suzhou, China

The New Sky Screen in Suzhou, China’s new shopping center in Harmony Time Square is the latest addition to the LED Sky Screen marvel. Suzhou is the third and largest sky screen in the world, the other two being Las Vegas’ Fremont Street Experience and The Place in Beijing. Electrosonic was involved in all three projects and supplied the video head end including our MS9200 playback, Vector Processing and ESCAN control for the Sky Screen. The LED screen is over 350m long, 16 meters wide, rests 20 meters off the ground and spans from one end of Time Square crossing a street to the other end of Time Square.   

The Suzhou LED curtain utilizes Water Cube-liked membrane structure to cap the top, meanwhile creates clear and splendid audio-visual experience with new LED batten lights, strip lights and spotlights.

"After the commencement of Time Square at the end of September, the LED velarium [curtain] will be used to perform all kinds of movies beneficial to all ages, the marvelous, luxurious and special lighting performance system will bring the citizens the unique audiovisual experience." said Zhao Zhisong the Chairman of the Yuanrong group. The LED curtain block will work as a pedestrian mall and attract citizens and visitors with all sorts of business shape.