Studio Services

Electrosonic’s Studio Services team, now housed in Electrosonic’s Burbank facility, offers a selection of encoding services for professional AV products.

The team can manage the compression and quality control of media to ensure conformance to all necessary specs and high-quality playback requirements. With access to test equipment, they have the ability to test client content in the studio to ensure that all media assets scheduled for play out are compatible with the equipment deployed in the field.

By making compression the responsibility of Electrosonic, the encoding burden is alleviated resulting in visually pleasing compressed files. Centralizing the encoding also adds efficiency in the process of managing your valuable media assets.

Electrosonic’s Studio Service Provides:

Media Encoding
Encode content for a variety of playback technologies. We provide standard definition and HDTV encoding and support multiple playback devices made by various manufactures. We perform quality-control, and encoding checks and standardization of content created on tools such as Avid, Final Cut Pro and Premiere.

Post-production Services
The Studio Services team provides basic video and audio editing services. Although customers typically provide the content, we have the capabilities to add graphics, closed captioning, audio mixing, and editing to the content provided by our clients.

Network Operations
No technical background? No problem! Electrosonic will work with you to conceptualize and design your network of distributed players. Depending on your playback technology, we can remotely update, monitor, and control equipment spread across your network. From our studio, we can check on/off functions, investigate lamp status, manage distribution and bandwidth, and schedule content playback.

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