Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Communications

Smart enterprises are looking to create the most efficient and effective workplace possible. Most have adopted digital communications into their business in some fashion to contribute to this. However not everyone is using it to its fullest capability and opportunities are being missed to maximise ROI, and even add additional value.

Digital communications isn’t just about conveying messages, when integrated well, it can contribute to getting your existing and potential employees engaged and excited about working for you, and ultimately increasing productivity. Matt Cobbett, Electrosonic’s Head of Business Development talks about the wider benefits digital communications can bring to the global enterprise environment.

What is digital communications?

To clear up any confusion from the get-go, digital communications is more than just digital signage.  Yes, we’re talking essentially about creating a system which connects a screen (desktop, tablet, mobile or meeting room booking system display), a player and a content management system (CMS), but we want to show you the potential that lies beyond this when you bring information to life through engaging digital content shown through a professionally integrated system.

Many enterprises have adopted digital signage for displaying welcome information for visitors, or generic promotional information. However, these solutions have the potential to offer a lot more dynamic information than just these timesaving signage functions. The systems can share critical business information based on data generated through enterprise software used to manage your operations and customer relations, such as your CRM, SAP or social channels. This information can be uploaded to the CMS so that it can be broadcast to multiple displays and media players around the offices or sent to mobile devices, facilitating information sharing at the click of a button and timed for delivery to suit the respective time zones and specific teams of people if necessary.  

What benefits can digital communications bring? 

Digital communications is one of the major keys to ensuring every member of staff across every department is engaged with each other and the organisation. Individuals who understand what their role is in delivering the broader business strategy and who are confident that their employer is investing in their job satisfaction are more likely to be engaged, leading to a more productive workforce and successful business. Employees will know that, even if their role doesn’t require them to be in the office every day or if they are members of a team with global representatives, they will still feel an integral part of a company that is forward thinking, investing in their enjoyment and focused on achieving success.

Improving the ways that you share information

Sharing the broader strategic direction of the company has multiple benefits, helping employees to:

  • Feel confident about their future
  • Feel connected to a shared purpose
  • See their individual role within the context of the team

Keep employees more up to date with relevant news

  • Share HR updates such as leavers and new starters
  • Provide traffic news as people’s days end
  • Celebrate successes from individual departments

Improved compliance by sharing

  • Training schedules and notifications
  • Health and safety pointers
  • Detail on new legislation such as GDPR

Lowering frustration levels by providing

  • A more personalised experience in-line with that which the company offers its customers
  • Making messages more targeted and pertinent

Accommodating flexible working

  • Remote workers who are as informed as office workers are
  • Create a feeling of unity
  • Multi-platform approach where the same, consistent message can be viewed on any display, mobile or desktop device

Harnessing business intelligence

One of the biggest opportunities for extending the use of your digital communications is through the visualisation of data that is gathered through your business operations software. The data your business generates through each department’s activities can be a gold mine. It is simple to harness your digital communications system to visualise this in different and engaging ways that are more likely to grab attention and aid retention than a simple email. Dashboards showing visualisation of data from back office systems and pulling in feeds from social media and other sources can be easily created to result in an informative snapshot.

Make work screens as engaging as personal screens

Statistics on phone use vary widely – with some saying UK adults check their phone screen 90 times a day, and others more than 200. Whatever the true figure, clearly there is an opportunity here for companies to utilise this habit to engage with their employees. Digital communication technology offers a cost-effective opportunity for companies to show their staff that people’s work news feeds can be just as engaging as their personal feeds – we are working in a vastly different way to how we were even ten years ago, and forward-thinking companies are using video, animation and live feeds for internal audiences just as effectively as they are for their external audiences.

With a professionally integrated system, you can select which screens show the most useful information whilst targeting departments and individuals more effectively with relevant and timely messaging. Smart organisations know that they need to be selective about what data is shared and how it is visualised, so the message being communicated creates impact, becomes memorable and ultimately can translate into an improvement in the business. 

Real-time sharing of information leaves employees What this means for the company
  • Engaged
  • Informed                         
  • Empowered 
  • Enriched
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased profit
  • Reduced HR costs
  • Improved compliance

Utilising existing screens to maximise ROI

There is also the added opportunity to utilise meeting room booking panels to display content in between meetings, increasing your messaging opportunities and engagement with employees.  

Technology choices

As a system designer and integrator, we work closely with our clients to understand all aspects of a required design, any existing technology being retained, possible adoption issues and the experience of the likely CMS operators. We are then able to make recommendations about the best solution, drawing on our knowledge of individual brands and manufacturers.

Our extensive experience in the entertainment industry, has given additional insights into the benefits different technology plays in achieving high engagement – touch screens, movement sensors, lighting, software integrations – and we use this to good effect in a corporate environment too. One simple example is an integration with your entrance control to direct you to the most suitable lift bank and other dynamic wayfinding. Easily doable, time saving and demonstrates a connected thought-process.

Our knowledge of technology manufacturers’ road maps allows us to provide you with a scalable system that ensures longevity and sustainability within the chosen environment, whilst being able to adapt to future changes. 

Fully understanding each client and their business strategy is critical for ensuring we specify and install the right technology to achieve these objectives. Our emphasis is as much on building good relationships as it is on keeping abreast of innovations in technology, because whilst the products and technologies are important, it is what they do for our clients that really matters. 

To discuss your digital communications solutions email: contactus@electrosonic.com

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