The Sailing Museum

Cutting-edge interactive technology puts visitors’ sailing skills to the test in a thrilling, fun-packed, hands-on experience.

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The Sailing Museum in Newport, Rhode Island combines tradition and technology to create an exciting, interactive environment that delights sailing enthusiasts and families alike. 

Six exhibits – Wind and Water, Legends of Sailing, Competition, The Making of a Sailor (Physical & Mental) and Teamwork - explore the qualities of being a successful sailor with 16 total installations. Of the 16 installations, 10 interactive spaces feature dome projection, video and haptic technology. This enables visitors to assess their own skills using QR-enabled bracelets that track performance and engage them in a captivating journey of discovery and exploration.

Electrosonic collaborated with Richard Lewis Media Group and Hadley Exhibits to engineer and integrate video walls, interactives, immersive technologies, projection, audio and control systems.



Throughout the museum, visitors can scan their QR-enabled bracelet at any of the 10 interactive stations to complete a variety of challenges. 

After beginning their ‘voyage’ by designing their very own virtual sailboat, visitors will then team up for a sailing race. Here they will complete critical tasks at a large touchscreen table, engineered with 100 touchpoints to allow teams to compete in large groups.

Voyagers will then step into the shoes of a Grinder, evaluating their physical abilities as they raise and lower sails, all while monitoring their onscreen speed. Mental skills are then tested when they take the helm and attempt to navigate their boat through a busy harbor, shown on two screens, without hitting obstacles. Visitors will later get to test their tactics and decision-making skills, as they navigate a virtual course, displayed on a 5-screen video wall. 

Next visitors engage in agility training and assess their on-board physical skills, responding to on-screen cues guiding them to step on interactive floor mats illuminated through haptic technology.

Finally, dome projection captures the thrills of a high-speed ocean race as guests fly above the water at 50 knots. Beyond this, Electrosonic seamlessly integrated various static and interactive exhibits.


Integration had to be handled carefully to protect the original fabric of this historically significant building. Limited access via busy narrow roads also made logistics difficult. 

Exhibits, each controlled by local computers, required vital equipment cooling while measures had to be taken to prevent audio ’spillage’ between adjacent exhibits. Complex integration was necessary to deliver the envisioned experience, with popular exhibits designed for reliable operation under heavy usage.


Electrosonic leveraged extensive experience in historic buildings to skilfully integrate technology into 16 exhibit spaces and ensure a seamless installation while preserving the building's integrity. To minimize spillage, engineers developed strategically positioned sound bars to deliver the audio. Additionally, surge protection was implemented in local computers to safeguard against frequent storms in the area.


Despite the technical and logistical challenges, Electrosonic delivered an exciting, fun-filled experience that appeals to children as well as sailing enthusiasts. The museum brings together interactivity, haptic technology, projection and video in an engaging, immersive gaming environment. 

The Sailing Museum has become a magnet for visitors, igniting a renewed passion for the sport in the heartland of America's rich sailing heritage.

Project Details

The Sailing Museum
Newport, Rhode Island
8500 sq.ft
Audio Video and Control Systems
CAD Engineering
Immersive Technologies
Installation & Integration
Project Management
System Quality Control
Our goal was to create a special place that engages everyone, from our sport’s faithful to casual sailors to newcomers who are curious about what happens when wind and water meet. We are confident The Sailing Museum is and will continue to be a unique venue to showcase our sport and the accomplishments of its heroes.
Gus Carlson
President of the National Sailing Hall of Fame
Tiller Determined sailors man the tiller, navigating their boat towards the finish line of an exhilarating ocean race, while fans simulate invigorating sea winds against their faces.
Dome Projection Visitors enjoy an immersive experience, offering a first-hand perspective of the open sea as they speed along on a high-speed hydrofoil, providing a thrilling ’seat in the boat’ sensation.
At The Helm Skillful ’pilots’ navigate a bustling harbor, showcasing their expertise by maneuvering a boat to evade obstacles and other vessels displayed on a dynamic screen.


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