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Why the Power of Collaboration Can Transform the Themed Entertainment Industry

Collaboration has long been a driving force in the themed entertainment industry, but it has gained new urgency as the industry emerges from the pandemic. Operators recognize the value of IP in attracting visitors, but they need to take that IP a stage further to go beyond what visitors experience at home. Collaboration between creative teams and technology companies is key to turning that IP into immersive, personalized experiences that engage visitors.

In this 52-minute podcast, Craig Hanna, founder and Chief Creative Officer of experience design firm Thinkwell, and Les Hill, Senior Account Manager at Electrosonic, discuss how collaboration can enable operators to meet changing visitor expectations, while maintaining safety. They show how integrating mobile devices with displays or using mobile devices for touchless interactivity can augment their physical attractions and enhance the visitor experience.

You will discover:

  • How collaboration can help operators overcome the creative and technical challenges in leveraging IP (3:40)
  • Why ‘invisible technology’ is essential to support magical storytelling in themed attractions (12:55)
  • How Super Nintendo World is using interactivity to create enhanced experiences (19:50)
  • Why mobile devices will play an increasingly important role in creating personalized experiences (35:50)
  • Why collaboration is a major driver of success in themed entertainment (40:55)
40 MIN
How Briefing Centers can Become Memorable, Exciting Spaces

As briefing centers gradually reopen, businesses are looking at ways to use innovative technology to create memorable spaces that are exciting but safe to ensure the optimum visitor experience. The aim is to restore an immersive, high-touch human experience where visitors can engage with employees, experience products and interact with the brand, while respecting each visitor’s comfort levels.

In this 40-minute podcast, Sean McChesney, an Experience Technology Consultant with Electrosonic and AVIXA Young AV Professional of the Year in 2020, explores the factors that enable briefing center managers to meet their visitors’ expectations and concerns. Understanding why a visitor has chosen to attend is crucial to developing a personalized experience that is relevant. Delivering the experience through the right mix of education, excitement and fun will ensure a positive response. Technology can deliver that experience in a way that can be personalized and adapted for both physical and virtual environments.

You will learn about:

  • How briefing centers have evolved (3:25)
  • How the pandemic reshaped the briefing center (6:05)
  • The way high-touch experiences can return safely (9:00)
  • Why the pandemic changed visitors’ expectations of the briefing center (13:45)
  • What visitors want from a briefing center (16:55)
  • The importance of education, entertainment and fun (20:20)
  • How smart integrations can improve the visitor experience (28:00)
  • Future trends in the briefing center (34:40)
51 MIN
How Innovative Technology Continues to Evolve in the Leisure Business

When the pandemic hit, it was clear that technology was not ready to support leisure operators by helping them maintain ‘business as usual’. Instead, the emphasis switched initially to virtual experiences. Now, as leisure venues reopen, the question is, has innovation over the last 12 months put those businesses in a stronger position.

In this 50-minute podcast, three senior Electrosonic thought leaders, Ryan Poe, Yiannis Cabolis and Joel Zink, review ground-breaking technologies of the past and current innovations. They consider how the latest innovations might enhance the guest experience and benefit operators beyond the post-pandemic period. Several common themes emerge – the importance of contactless solutions, greater personalization and interactivity, increased adoption of XR, the wider use of personal devices to interact with technology on leisure sites and the need to leverage data to enhance the experience and improve operational efficiency.

Join them as they explore:

  • How operators used technology to transition to virtual experiences (3:20)
  • The types of technology operators adopted to deal with the challenges of the pandemic (6:00)
  • The main challenges facing operators during the pandemic (9:40)
  • The advances in technology over the past 12 months (18:30)
  • The characteristics of the ‘new normal’ in leisure venues (29:00)
  • The factors driving innovation after the pandemic (32:30)
  • Opportunities for the leisure industry to benefit from pent-up demand (41:50)
  • The increasing importance of standardization to maintain operational value (46:00)
35 MIN
Why Innovation and Convergence are Meeting the Demand for Better Experiences

Ongoing convergence between audio visual and IT systems is significantly impacting how audio visual integrators design and deploy projects to create a better experience for users or guests. The most successful projects are a result of collaboration and partnership between designers, integrators and manufacturers. By collaborating, the partners can use their expertise to leverage emerging technologies and deliver a better solution.

In this 35-minute podcast, Electrosonic thought leaders, Director of Technical Innovation Yiannis Cabolis and Design Manager Andy Batwinas, illustrate how the need for better experiences is driving innovation in converged environments. They show through real-life examples how the process begins with BlueSky designs backed by technical advice and direction and comprehensive planning to create a seamless solution that balances technical practicalities with imagination and cost effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • How the rise of integrated technologies is impacting collaboration between industries (5:32)
  • The challenges in the new environment and how to overcome them (9:32)
  • How the emphasis on user experience is accelerating audio visual innovation (13:07)
  • How comprehensive planning creates a successful converged creative project (19:29)
  • Why consideration of visual, acoustic and network designs is now an integral element in delivering enhanced experiences (28:41)
46 MIN
How the Evolving Tech Environment is Shaping the Development of Rides and Attractions

The evolution of themed entertainment technology has accelerated during the pandemic as remote operations and virtual experiences provided an alternative to physical visits. The pandemic also gave consumers greater exposure to technology, and this has raised their expectations of theme parks. In response, operators are creating experiences that are more immersive and adopting gamification, mobile integration and personalization techniques to enhance the experience.

In this 45-minute podcast, two leading members of the Themed Entertainment Association, Electrosonic’s Paul Kent and Jeroen Verrezen, share their insights on developments in the industry. They highlight the importance of communication and education to ensure operators and their teams can make the most effective use of the newer technologies in the industry. They reaffirm that storytelling remains the main driver for success but demonstrate how technology gives operators more tools to tell their stories effectively.

You will learn:

  • The technology changes impacting the industry (3.45)
  • The importance of gamification and integration of personal devices (6:40)
  • How the industry is responding to change (14:01)
  • Why communication and education are important to effective technology adoption (15:40)
  • How emerging technologies give operators more tools to enhance storytelling (19:00)
  • Key challenges to the industry (22:20)
  • How augmented reality is shaping themed entertainment (29:10)
  • Why guest security remains a priority (33:35)
30 MIN
Make your Briefing Center Act as an Extension of Your Brand

As more briefing centers reopen, the focus is back on how they can act as an extension of a brand. By creating themed, immersive spaces where visitors are encouraged to interact with products, brands and employees, briefing centers offer an important way to support the overall brand or message while also leaving a lasting impact on visitors.

In this 30-minute podcast, Electrosonic briefing center expert Sean McChesney, AVIXA Young AV Professional of the Year 2020 and John Kolesar, a briefing center expert discuss key takeaways from a recent Association of Briefing Programme Managers (ABPM) conference and describe best practices for creating great experiences in the briefing center. They explain how integrating technologies like RFID, gesture technology, computer vision and AI, lighting cues and virtual reality experiences technology can play a supporting role in delivering unprecedented collaboration and results.

You will learn:

  • How viable briefing centers are for smaller businesses (4:20)
  • Why memorable experiences are essential for briefing centers (5:40)
  • Key takeaways from the ABPM conference (6:40)
  • How briefing centers can draw on experiences from the leisure industry (10:00)
  • The most pressing needs for briefing centers (13:00) • How connected experiences in the briefing center improve the overall visitor experience (20:00)
  • How reopening will move forward (25:00)
39 MIN
How Evolving Technology can Transform Themed Entertainment Experiences

As theme parks gradually reopen, the challenge is to use technology to make them even more attractive to visitors who now expect more as a result of their experiences in lockdown. Immersion and personalization are set to be the key drivers that enable operators to differentiate their offerings, but with the emphasis always on the magic of the story.

In this 40-minute podcast, Electrosonic Regional Director MEA Paul Kent and Global Vice President of Immersive Experiences Bryan Hinckley look back at the factors that drove unprecedented growth pre-pandemic to identify trends that can power a resurgence of the industry. Immersing visitors in magical experiences via augmented and virtual reality, immersive audio solutions, projection technology and other innovative audio visual solutions are key to meeting and exceeding visitors’ expectations.

Listen in to find out:

  • The importance of storytelling and technology in creating great experiences (5:00)
  • The factors that differentiate theme parks and attract more visitors (6:15)
  • How the pandemic has re-shaped themed entertainment (9:40)
  • How technology will enable the development of new experiences (17:55)
  • The importance of integrating personal devices with attractions to create magical experiences (24:30)
  • Projects that reflect best practice (28:40)
  • What’s in store for the themed entertainment industry (31:10)
34 MIN
Understanding the Ingredients Needed to Create Smart Workplaces

The workplace is changing to reflect the increase in remote working and the need to provide a safe environment in the corporate campus. Adopting the right technology is essential to meet the expectations of a generation of ‘technology natives’ and the need for simple communication and collaboration between office and remote teams. The right technology will enhance user experience for all employees, wherever they work.

This 35-minute podcast explores the trends and technologies that are shaping the smart workplace on corporate campuses in Silicon Valley and explains how they can be adopted by other businesses. Sean McChesney, an Experience Technology Consultant with Electrosonic and AVIXA Young AV Professional of the Year 2020, explains how technology consultants and UX designers in collaboration with architects and engineers can help businesses create smart workplaces that provide flexibility and a strong return on investment.

Learn from Sean’s insights and experience:

  • The most important trends in corporate campuses (2:03)
  • The types of technology that reflect the changing workplace culture (3:58)
  • The accelerating rate of change in lobbies and briefing centers (5:15)
  • How audio visual technology supports these trends (7:18)
  • How campuses reflect the culture of cutting-edge innovation (11:13)
  • The key ingredients of an innovative smart workspace (13:29)
  • The importance of long-term client partnerships in understanding and developing the optimum workspace solution (17:04)
  • How small organizations can leverage the same innovative approaches as Silicon Valley firms (26:43)
39 MIN
Interactive Technology Immerses Visitors in a Real Personalized Spy Mission

The International Spy Museum is a venue with a difference. Here, visitors become part of the display, taking part in a real life ‘spy mission’ using highly personalized RFID technology to interact with the exhibits. It’s a game-like experience that leverages technology to immerse visitors in their own personal version of the secret, shadowy world of espionage.

In this intriguing 38-minute podcast, Chris Cooper, Electrosonic’s Project Manager at the Museum, explains the essential role ‘hidden technology’ plays in creating an experience where visitors test their spy-craft skills through a range of 16 interactive exhibits via a personalized, interactive lanyard. The unique combination of museum, personalized game, interactives and immersive experiences led to Electrosonic’s award of the 2020 Best Museum Project by Commercial Integrator’s Integration Award and made it the most successful paid admission museum in DC.

Listen in to learn the secrets of the Museum’s success:

  • Why espionage-related technology captures people’s imagination (3:18)
  • Electrosonic’s role in leveraging technology to tell the story (9:05)
  • How the ‘buzz’ about the changes generated interest and attention in the community (12:55)
  • How Electrosonic blended spy technology into the story (15:04)
  • The key goals for creating this type of personalized experience (20:00)
  • How Electrosonic overcame the technical hurdles of creating hidden technology (22:37)
  • The importance of collaborative relationships in delivering this project (31:30)
53 MIN
Unpacking the XR Revolution

Which type of Extended Reality (XR) is underpinning your experiences – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality? Whatever it is, be prepared for more as XR promises to take the revolution further and deliver even greater benefits to businesses and individuals. XR doesn’t just blur the boundaries of physical and virtual worlds, it opens the prospects of extraordinary new experiences.

In this 53-minute podcast, Electrosonic thought leaders Maurizio Capuzzo, CMO, and Yiannis Cabolis, Director of Technical Innovation, explore the exciting potential of the different types of XR. They go beyond the hype to find sweet spots where each technology can add value and enhance the human experience. From a practical perspective, they show how audio visual, content, creativity and networks come together with XR technologies to create the next generation of experiences in a cost-effective way as the technology matures.

Listen in to find out:

  • The differences between XR types and their potential? (2:15)
  • The application of Virtual Reality (7:24)
  • The application of Augmented Reality (14:20)
  • The application of Mixed Reality (24:49)
  • Audio visual’s leadership role in the growth of XR adoption (28:30)
  • XR’s contribution to the experience economy (40:33)
  • The future shape of XR (46:25)
45 MIN
How Automation, Collaboration and Passion Helped Deliver the World's Largest Museum

When the task is to design and integrate the audio visual systems for the Sheikh Abdullah al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait, that’s quite a challenge. It’s the world’s largest museum complex that features 23 galleries, 800 exhibits, a 4D theater and a 1 million-liter aquarium across 22,000 square meters. Add to that searing hot working conditions and the need to coordinate planning and deployment with hundreds of contractors over a 5-year period.

When you ask what it takes, who better to explain than two of the key Electrosonic players on the project - Simon George, Senior Entertainment Consultant, and Nerijus Linauskas, Senior Project Engineer. Electrosonic was involved from the outset, providing technical guidance to the design team, which helped the seamless transition from vision to installation. Automation played a key role in streamlining the many engineering decisions on-site and ensuring consistent quality across the site. Coordination with suppliers, logistics companies and partners on-site was crucial to maintaining the tight schedules. Most important, it was passion for the project that drove the team throughout. The project was so successful that it led to Electrosonic’s award of the 2019 Best Museum Project by Commercial Integrator’s Integration Award.

Learn from our first-hand account:

  • Where Electrosonic contributed and how we were involved in the creative conversations (8:15)
  • How we influenced technical decisions about innovative design ideas (10:52)
  • How Electrosonic mobilized resources to meet the deadline (18:56)
  • How automation helped Electrosonic maintain consistency and quality through collaboration (24:54)
  • How Electrosonic sourced materials to ensure success for the on-site team (28:59)
  • The physical conditions that posed challenges (32:29)
  • Visitors’ response to the museum after opening (38:29)
  • The client’s response to the final outcome (40:31)
  • The project initiatives and standards set by this project (41:44)
49 MIN
How Managed Services Support the Lifecycle of Your Systems

Technology and audio visual solutions improve productivity and support effective collaboration, but the workload that’s required to manage them is putting a heavy burden on internal resources. Managed services provide an alternative to internal services, helping to maximize uptime, keep employees connected and productive — and free internal teams for more strategic tasks.

In this 50-minute podcast, technical solutions specialists Todd Miller and Graham Baker describe the challenges facing IT and explain how a lack of service can prove disruptive to business and shorten asset life. They describe three key products in Electrosonic’s Managed Services portfolio – Affinity, which offers on-site managed services, Panorama, a proactive service and maintenance program and Vista, a holistic approach to enabling workspace collaboration. Together they provide full lifecycle support for key technology assets.

You will learn:

  • Why managed services are essential to keep systems up and running (8:40)
  • The scope and benefits of Affinity (11:42)
  • The impact of increasingly complex support needs on internal teams (15:00)
  • The scope and benefits of Panorama (21:03)
  • The scope and benefits of Vista (31:10)
  • How managed services enhance the benefits of other technology solutions (41:50)
45 MIN
It's Not the Technology that is Exciting. It's the Potential to Create Experiences

Live events like InfoComm give us great insight into the way audio visual technology is evolving. Bryan Hinckley, Electrosonic’s Global Vice President of Immersive Experiences and CMO Maurizio Capuzzo visited the event to discover how the latest technologies open opportunities to create exciting new types of immersive experience.

In this 45-minute podcast, they review advances in technologies in areas like laser and short-throw projection, audio, flexible OLED displays, transparent LED and extended reality (XR). They go beyond the technology to explore how system integrators working with content producers, architects, designers and owners are developing radically new ways of telling stories and immersing guests in physical and virtual experiences.

Join them as they explore:

  • The technologies with a promising future (7:25)
  • New opportunities for wireless technologies (12:00)
  • The evolution of the experience economy (14:50)
  • The technologies that will drive the experience economy (20:50)
  • How to fuse technology with the architectural environment to create great experiences (24:50)
  • The future role for XR technology (33:34)
  • The way technology interacts with other aspects of the human experience where people live, work and play (40:50)
28 MIN
From Attraction to Immersion, How are Theme Parks Becoming Immersive Entertainment hubs?

Theme parks have always led the way in using audio visual and experiential technology to create a visitor experience that is truly memorable. But visitor expectations are rising — guests want something way beyond what they could experience at home, an alternative reality that fully immerses them and appeals to all their senses.

In this 28-minute podcast, Senior Consultant Paul Kent and Vice President Chris Conte, both vastly experienced in award-winning theme park projects, demonstrate how immersive technologies can fully engage visitors in a magical experience. They illustrate how creativity and storytelling driven by invisible technology and smart integration can capture the imagination and take visitors beyond their expectations.

You will learn more about:

  • The visitor expectations that influence theme park development (2:47)
  • How demand for immersive experiences is impacting entertainment and media consumption (4:40)
  • What it takes to create a magical immersive moment (7:30)
  • How theme park experiences are making greater use of interactivity (9:57)
  • How technology elevates the theme park experience (13:30)
  • The critical role of storytelling and the way audio visual brings stories to life (16:37)
  • How theme parks balance the investment between technology and the physical space (19:00)
  • The key factors that ensure the success of an immersive experience project (24:00)
16 MIN
The Future of Technology in Design is Here. We Call it Technology Master Planning™

Technology is no longer an afterthought. It affects all aspects of our lives and that makes careful planning and design essential. The challenge is to design technology solutions that create great, meaningful experiences by integrating them with spaces and content.

In this 15-minute podcast, Robert Pourciau, an experienced technology design consultant, explains how Electrosonic’s Technology Master Planning™ process builds a foundation and strategy for technology solutions, much like an architectural blueprint. This approach can help you make the most of your technology investments while saving time, money and physical resources.

You will discover:

  • The steps to developing a successful Technology Master Plan (5:04)
  • How Technology Master Planning™ benefits both clients and the professionals deploying the technology (8:07)
  • The ways a Technology Master Plan changes the workflow (10:07)
  • How the process enables Electrosonic to add value by working as a consultative partner (11:25)
  • The role Technology Master Planning™ plays in helping organizations plan for the future (13:24)
25 MIN
What You Need to Know About Control Rooms

Control rooms or command centers play a critical role in monitoring and managing critical assets. Control room technology, in the shape of enhanced connectivity and improved collaboration tools, has given operators the power and flexibility to identify and respond to incidents much faster, reducing costs and increasing uptime.

In this 25-minute podcast, Electrosonic’s Douglas Walker and Robert Mann use their vast experience developing high-tech control room solutions to explain the transformations that are taking place in the control environment. They emphasize the importance of human factors in control room design and show through examples of North Sea oil control centers why distance is no longer important in managing operations efficiently.

You will learn:

  • The industry changes and technology evolution that have positively impacted the control room (1:45)
  • The factors influencing control room transformation in the oil and gas industries (5:15)
  • How control room investments have positively impacted the oil and gas industries through cost reductions, new efficiencies, improved communications and greater safety (8:00)
  • The key design considerations in developing an oil and gas control room solution (11:10)
  • How to effectively integrate analog and digital systems in the new control room environment (16:54)
  • Which technological or business changes are most influential in driving the continued evolution of the control room (20:30)

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