Electrosonic Helps Ensure the Smooth Running of Corporate Events and a Complex Exhibition at the Siemens Crystal


The Crystal in London is home to the world’s largest exhibition on the future of cities, as well as one of the world’s most sustainable buildings and events venues. In addition, the Crystal is home to Siemens’ Global Centre of Competence Cities which includes a boardroom and a decision room. There are also several meeting spaces, an auditorium and a control room. The Crystal is an excellent example of a site that benefits from Electrosonic’s comprehensive support services, and shows how Electrosonic adapts its service offerings to match customers’ evolving needs.


The Crystal opened its 2000 sq.m. exhibition in 2012. Divided into ten zones, it makes extensive use of the latest in interactive and display technologies. It was realised from the outset that because it was a public exhibition, a high-level of support service would be required.

After one year Siemens asked Electrosonic to expand its support services to cover The Crystal’s corporate facilities. Siemens was finding that the frequency and complexity of their corporate events was increasing and it was clear that additional resources were required.


The initial exhibition support requirement was met by an on-site technician, preventive maintenance agreement and a call-out service as required. This ensures that the systems continue to perform effectively and successfully encourage visitor learning and participation.

The need to cover the corporate facilities required an expansion of the off-site support, and an increase to two, full-time on-site technicians. This ensured that the frequency and complexity of corporate events could be increased.

Electrosonic’s on-site staff are integrated within the Siemens team to ensure that users of The Crystal’s corporate facilities have a seamless experience.


Working closely with the client, Electrosonic has provided support services for the Crystal since its opening. Both the corporate facilities and visitor centre at the Crystal utilise a combination of on-site and off-site resources to ensure reliable operation of the installed AV systems. As the possibility of failure or any significant downtime is reduced, both visitor satisfaction within the exhibitor area and meeting efficiency has increased. The services are continuously reviewed and modified to reflect the changing requirements of the client and users.

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