Electrosonic Ltd Gender Pay Gap Report - 2017

Electrosonic takes equality very seriously, and we are proud of our diverse culture across the Electrosonic Group.

Our Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF) sets out details of our gender pay gap under new regulations introduced by the government. The legislation requires companies employing more than 250 people to publish information about their gender pay and bonus gaps.

We are pleased to report that our gender pay gap is below the UK median average of 18%. Electrosonic are very committed to supporting key initiatives to improve our gender balance and there are a number of positive actions underway including:

  • Ensuring our recruitment strategy continues to tackle the underrepresentation of women in technology roles by engaging with local schools, colleges and universities to promote our industry and encourage more women to apply to our opportunities.
  • Offering enhanced programmes such as our summer work experience programme and our innovative Graduate and Apprenticeship programmes.
  • Continuing our active involvement with programmes such as Women in Engineering Mentoring.
  • Encouraging flexible employment to ensure our employees can balance a successful career with their personal life, allowing for an equal opportunity for career progression.
  • Reviewing our succession plans to ensure we have a balanced talent pipeline. Our management team is 45% women and 55% men.
  • Continuously investing in training and development such as leadership, mentoring and management training.