Support & Managed Services

Customized support packages to keep your systems running.


End-to-end support for your systems and users.

Electrosonic’s support services provide end-to-end care from on-site visits, post-installation AV services and warranty support to keep your systems up and running.

Supplement your internal resources.

Electrosonic’s managed AV services operate as an extension to your IT, Facilities Management and Maintenance teams. Our managed AV services help drive adoption of technology and collaboration, as well as maximizing asset utilization, reducing TCO and improving ROI.

Make data-drive decisions through real-time system insights.

An independent study by Forrester Consulting finds increased productivity and a 139% ROI on the management of your AV systems with Affinity. See how you can improve your operational costs while shifting the responsibility of support.


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Shifting the burden of support

Our support and managed service packages maximize uptime, increase reliability, lower through-life costs and reduce the IT burden.

Support where you need it most.

Increase utilization and shift the burden of maintaining your systems from your teams. See how Electrosonic's support & managed services can work for you.

Recent Projects

Explore how we support clients so that systems are always available for visitors, customers and employees.

Tap into professional support resources

Maximize uptime, reduce support costs and improve the user experience.

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