Location-Based Entertainment

Push the boundaries of human experience to bring imagination to life for your visitors and guests.

Attract and retain more visitors and guests.

Our Location-Based Entertainment solutions help you to attract and retain more visitors and guests with rich immersive, interactive experiences that fuse architecture, storytelling and technology. We push the boundaries to create unique experiences using advanced technologies such as motion sensing, touchless technologies, extended reality, projection mapping, 4K video, dome projection, 3D audio and more.

Creating the ultimate guest experience.

We have developed award-winning solutions for high-profile venues around the world for more than 55+ years, including; theme parks, museums and visitor centers, retail stores, gaming and hospitality venues, sports centers and arenas, and theaters and performance spaces. Our aim is to always create the ultimate guest experience.

Recent Projects

Explore how we’ve designed unforgettable, award-winning experiences that attract, engage and bring back visitors again and again.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Exceptional audio visual design brings the world’s largest museum to life in Kuwait. Learn More
Being Brunel Museum This unique approach to a tremendous historical life has helped establish Being Brunel as the leading attraction in Bristol’s busy harbor area. Learn More
MGM Cotai Dynamic Theater Innovative technology creates a dynamic world-leading space that redefines the way people experience entertainment. Learn More
Snorri Touren Dark Ride Big-show audio visual technology creates a winning dark ride experience in a small space. Learn More
Krispy Kreme Times Square An immersive ‘Doughnut Theater’ and the world’s largest rotating HOT NOW sign create an appetizing guest experience. Learn More
Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden Immersive technologies and sophisticated projection blending and mapping techniques bring a dramatic manhunt to life. Learn More
National Comedy Center So, why did the chicken cross the road? Living in Jamestown, it was probably heading for the National Comedy Center to find out why chickens are the butt of so many jokes. Learn More
Stonehenge Visitor Centre Immersive technology takes visitors back 5000 years to the heart of an ancient monument. Learn More
Atlanta Hawks Preview Center Reinforce the Atlanta Hawks brand and create opportunities for positive sales connections. Learn More
Parliamentary Education Centre Immersive, interactive technology turns day-to-day politics into an engaging digital experience for the European Parliament. Learn More
Dover Wartime Tunnels Technology keeps the memory of soldiers’ sacrifice alive in a realistic moving way. Learn More
The Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa A fusion of architecture, storytelling and technology recreates courtship in the world’s largest animatronics show. Learn More

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