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Electrosonic is an international audiovisual and technology services company that designs, builds and supports innovative technology solutions that create lasting experiences where people live, work and play. Founded in 1964, Electrosonic has been recognized for its superior and unsurpassed Technology Master Planning™ and System Integration services.

With unique global capability, Electrosonic provides a comprehensive scope of technical and professional services with expertise in ICT and Network Infrastructure, Security, Surveillance and Access Control, Audio, Video and Control Systems, and Acoustics.

Passion, experience and creative excellence in one team.

We have a global reputation as a first-choice vendor for the projects that matter. We’re always searching for new ways to innovate, creating bold solutions Where Imagination Comes to Life™. Our people bring together technical skills, creative know-how and commitment to deliver solutions that empower and enhance the human experience.

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Our vision, mission and values serve as our guiding principles as we fuse architecture, storytelling and technology to create lasting human experiences.

Our vision

We’re pushing the boundaries of technology to unleash the power of human experience.

Our mission

We design, build and support innovative technology solutions that create lasting experiences where people live, work and play.

Our values

We’re passionate about innovation, focused on our customers, united as one team, constantly learning, always accountable and act with the utmost integrity.

55+ years of innovation

Changing business models, new technologies, evolving services — we’ve taken a long road over the past decades to become the innovative global business we are today.

Humble beginnings
On March 3rd, 1964, Robert Simpson (MBE), Michael Ray and Denis Naisbitt registered Electrosonic Ltd. Its first offices were two unfurnished rooms above a potato stall in the Greenwich Vegetable Market.
First EXPO appearance
Electrosonic completed work at the UK Pavilion's ‘Britain Today’ exhibition, marking the first EXPO in the company's history. Electrosonic‘s growing reputation as a major innovator ensured that it has continued to work on countless EXPO pavilions around the world.
US operations begin
In 1972, Photosound Systems, part of Empire Photosounds Inc of Minneapolis, became a dealer for Electrosonic’s multi-image products. In 1972 following a merger, Empire Photosounds offered the hardware business to Electrosonic and that became the basis of Electrosonic Systems Inc in November 1972.
Pioneering video wall processing
Electrosonic helped to pioneer video walls, with one of its first installations at Expo 85. 1987 was the start of a 20 year period when Electrosonic successfully produced a range of video wall processing equipment, launching the first processor at a sensible price by using some clever engineering to overcome memory problems.
A place in space
Electrosonic engineered the visual display system for the European Space Agency launch control room for the Ariane 5 Satellite launchers at the Kourou Space Center. Electrosonic has continued to work ‘in space’, with projects for the Kennedy Space Center, including the exhibition for the space shuttle Atlantis.
Launch of Electrosonic Design Consulting
In the 2000s, Electrosonic focused on diversifying its business mix. As part of this, Electrosonic purchased Associates in Media Engineering in 2005, a respected systems design company whose expertise would serve as the foundation for Electrosonic’s Design Consulting division.
50th anniversary celebrations
In 2014, Electrosonic celebrated its 50th anniversary. Electrosonic held a key celebration back in Greenwich Market, where the business began. Its owners, surviving founders, Board of Directors and Executive Management Board gathered to reminisce and celebrate 50 years of audiovisual innovation.
Top honors in global awards
2019 was a big year for Electrosonic, winning an AV Award for Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi and a Commercial Integrator award for the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre. These awards confirm recognition of Electrosonic's innovation and global achievements.

Innovation is a priority for our people.

Right now, our industry has never been more important so we need people who can help us deliver the ground-breaking solutions that are changing the way businesses, theme parks, museums, hospitality venues and retailers meet their customers’ expectations. Grow with a global team of professionals who can take your skills to new levels - find out if a career at Electrosonic is right for you.

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