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Redefining the way audiences experience entertainment through innovative technology.

Set the stage for unforgettable performances.

Integrating experiential technology with live performance delivers an experience that will excite and engage audiences. We help creative teams realize visions that would be impossible without audiovisual technology. By using advanced audio, display and projection technologies, we deliver solutions where imagination comes to life and tells compelling stories across all areas of the performing arts.

Add an exciting new dimension to live performance.

We give creative teams the freedom to suspend reality and thrill the audience with the power of 3D acoustic design, the immersion of 360o projection or the sheer scale of ultra-high definition 4K video on a massive LED screen. By fusing architecture, storytelling and technology, our solutions bring performances to life in a way that transforms the way audiences experience entertainment. 

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Explore how we’ve designed and delivered immersive, engaging theatrical experiences that attract and entertain audiences in exciting new ways.

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