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Create unforgettable visits with unique digital experiences.

Delight guests with the unexpected.

When guests experience the unexpected, hospitality and gaming destinations are onto a winning formula. Resorts, hotels and casinos are no longer just places to stay. We’re helping them welcome, entertain and retain guests with stunning, immersive experiences that bring imagination to life.

Immerse guests in unforgettable experiences.

Electrosonic knows how to entertain guests with innovative, award-winning experiential technologies. In resorts and hotels, we fuse architecture, storytelling and technology to create unforgettable multi-sensory experiences that delight guests throughout their stay and make a bold statement about the brand. Our digital solutions for casinos are creating immersive, branded social experiences that appeal to a new generation of players.

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Explore how we’ve designed and delivered immersive, engaging, entertaining experiences that attract guests, boost revenue and build loyalty to hospitality venues.

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