A career with global opportunities

Grow with a global leader in award-winning technology experiences.

Improve your career opportunities.

Right now, our industry has never been more important so we need people who can help us deliver the ground-breaking solutions that are changing the way businesses, theme parks, museums, hospitality venues and retailers meet their customers’ expectations. Grow with a global team of professionals who can take your skills to new levels.


Find your niche.

We’re looking for people with a wide range of expertise - design, engineering, sales, project management and support, but that’s just the beginning. We’ve built progressive STARTER and development programs to help new professionals grow their skills on a clearly defined career path.



Want to work on really cool projects?

How about the world’s largest museum complex, an immersive briefing center for many of the world’s largest technology companies, or a theme park for one of the top global entertainment companies.

Where can your skills take you?

It doesn’t matter where you start. We believe in developing multi-skilled people. We’ve developed robust training and mentoring programs to take your skills to new levels - and maybe in new directions.

Want to work on projects that make a difference?

One day you could be helping clients reimagine the workplace so people can work safely, or bringing our experience of themed entertainment to make business meetings more effective. Another day, you could expand visitors’ horizons by bringing museum and visitor centers exhibits to life with a fusion of architecture, storytelling and technology. Yes, your work matters.

Looking for a rewarding career?

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