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Electrosonic’s industry-leading partners help us to deliver compelling human experiences throughout the globe.

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We collaborate with a wide range of partners and stakeholders to  deliver that ideal experience for a client. By partnering with a technology specialist like Electrosonic, you can ensure that your vision and resources are complemented by the latest technical capabilities. This helps you gain greater certainty over the project’s final cost and ensure that all technology components are fully integrated, scalable and interoperable.

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See how Electrosonic works with a network of global partners to deliver cutting-edge human experiences.

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Our Partners

We work with a wide range of award-winning partners across location-based entertainment, corporate and business essential projects.

Experience Design Firms We work with designers to bring their plans for immersive, interactive experiences to life by providing technology expertise and guidance.
Architects By collaborating with Electrosonic, architects can ensure that acoustics and technology selections match the design intent.
Storytellers We help storytellers deliver their narrative by fusing it with architecture and technology to create memorable experiences that engage all the senses.
Content Producers By workinging with Electrosonic, content producers can ensure the content is delivered with as much impact as possible, using advanced audiovisual technologies and sophisticated show control systems.
Fabricators We support fabricators by designing, engineering and customizing the technical components of the project so that they are easy to deploy and integrate on site.
General Contractors By partnering with Electrosonic, general contractors ensure that the technical aspects of the build are straightforward and cost-effective.
Owners and Operators By partnering with Electrosonic, owners and operators can be sure that the technical solution meets their financial, operational and business requirements, while providing a great experience for visitors.
Commercial Real Estate Developers By working in partnership with Electrosonic ensure that the clients’ space is presented in a way that leaves a memorable impression for employees and visitors alike.
Strategic Technology Providers We build long-term partnerships with leading technology providers to push the envelope and enable new experiences, sharing our technical expertise for mutual benefit.

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Explore the advanced technology designs, innovative solutions and industry-leading support that enable unforgettable experiences for our partners’ customers, visitors and employees.

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