AT&T Headquarters Lobby

Electrosonic’s technology design transforms a corporate lobby with multimedia LED columns, a 3-sided video wall and immersive audio.

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The AT&T Headquarters Lobby in the AT&T Discovery District, a mixed-use development in downtown Dallas, Texas, is no ordinary corporate lobby. It’s a dynamic space that inspires and informs employees and visitors alike with a floor-to-ceiling fusion of architecture, multimedia content and digital technology. 

The AT&T Lobby features eight multimedia columns that integrate with a three-sided video wall known as the ‘Media Box’, dynamic audio and a diffused LED lighting ceiling called ‘The Veil’ that connects all the digital components with color. The result is a signature media experience that is engaging, memorable and unique. 

Electrosonic worked in partnership with Gensler, SNA Displays, Made Music Studio and talented content producers, designing the complete audio, video, control systems and information and communication technology systems for The Headquarters Lobby in 3D using the latest BIM modeling tools.


An immersive digital experience transforms an ordinary corporate lobby, inspiring employees and visitors and making a powerful brand statement. In addition to technology design, Electrosonic worked with AT&T and Gensler through the build and integration phase to ensure design intent was maintained. 

The Media Box, manufactured by SNA Displays, stands 60 feet wide and 13 feet tall, creating a three-sided centerpiece with more than 800 square feet of interactive digital display space. It displays multimedia content from world-class content producers in extremely high resolution with over 20 million pixels across three canvases with a tight pixel pitch of 1.92 mm. 

Eight LED columns manufactured by SNA Displays create more than 2100 square feet of display space across more than 53 million pixels with multimedia content synchronized to the content on the Media Box. 

The Veil, a ceiling-wide lighting feature, incorporates diffused LEDs with a tensile fabric layer to create an artful light show that visually connects all displays with color. A strategically located speaker system delivers the custom composed soundscape from Made Music Studio which ebbs and flows around visitors as they navigate the space. 

The displays in The Lobby are interconnected with systems around The District via an ICT backbone designed by Electrosonic, which enables enabling teams to deliver the same content to all spaces simultaneously for a single seamless experience.


AT&T wanted to create a signature media experience that would demonstrate the company’s technical expertise while showcasing the AT&T brand and their sister company Warner Media’s entertainment content. It also had to inspire and motivate employees and visitors with a bold vision of AT&T’s future. Electrosonic’s role was to support key partners and their creative vision by providing ongoing design consulting with custom audio, video, control system and ICT design. 

This required deep knowledge of the technologies that would be used to create the visuals, soundscape and the control system for The AT&T Lobby. It also required an understanding of complex audiovisual technologies and the telecommunications technology necessary to support it, especially for a project where connectivity is at the heart of the client’s values.


Electrosonic guided the design with cutting-edge technology options. This involved guidance on the best technology hardware for the specific applications and the intent for the space. Electrosonic created the technology drawing packages and reviewed the selected integrator’s on-site work and final drawings for design intent. 

Electrosonic developed the bespoke hardware technology and system design, then acted as a consultant during the entire integration and build process to ensure the system could deliver the impactful visuals and the soundscape designed by Made Music Studio. Throughout the build process, Electrosonic assisted Gensler to ensure the vision and quality of the dramatic and architectural applications of technology were maintained and that the AT&T Lobby experience came to life as intended.


Electrosonic’s ability to provide intensive technology design and consulting supported designers as they developed a bold floor-to-ceiling fusion of architecture, multimedia content and technology. This is a reimagined corporate space, with an enhanced visitor experience and a new standard for corporate lobbies. 

Electrosonic’s ability to lead with Technology Master Planning™ and infrastructural technology design supported the audio, video, ICT and control systems that created a truly spatial canvas. Our deep technical experience with designing solutions for high-performance, large-scale, digital activation projects brought the AT&T Lobby to life.

Project Details

Gensler, SNA Displays, Made Music Studio
Dallas, Texas
3,000 sq.ft of LED surface in the Lobby
Technology Master Planning™
AV & Control Systems Design
ICT Design
Network Infrastructure Design
Broadcast Infrastructure Design
3-Sided LED Wall and LED Columns
Specialty & Distributed Audio
Content Distribution
At the AT&T Headquarters Lobby, the visual and sonic impact of the space is both nuanced and impressive. The built environment ebbs and flows with visual content and an alluring soundscape as you wander through the space.
Joel Zink
Senior Design Consultant, Electrosonic
Dynamic Technology An LED ‘Veil’ overhead creates dynamic lighting effects that visually connect The Lobby displays with color.
Interactive Storytelling The massive triangular Media Box provides more than 800 square feet of interactive digital canvas to display multimedia content in extremely high resolution.
Content Fusion Eight LED columns synchronized with The Media Box content create a signature digital media environment that is engaging, compelling and unique.


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