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An interactive, multi-floor observation deck experience where accessible technology connects visitors to the city.

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View Boston is a 59,000-square-foot observation deck experience spanning multiple floors, including elevators, a welcome area and a captivating finale space at the Prudential Center in Boston, MA. The vision was to connect visitors to the city while providing an interactive planning tool that enables them to discover the city's diverse offerings.

Breathtaking views integrate with immersive, interactive placemaking technologies such as virtual itinerary building, a projection-mapped 3D city model, virtual viewers and a 270-degree theatre to create a highly personalized visitor experience accessible to all.

Electrosonic, in partnership with Christie Digital, Float4, FrankNDesign, JRA, Lightborne, Nanolumens and 7thSense, took responsibility for blue sky technology concepts, audiovisual and control system design, detailed engineering and system integration.


The guest journey begins in the security holding area, where guests view projected content highlighting Boston’s most iconic attractions. They then join an immersive elevator experience featuring 14 55-inch displays and synchronized audio, showcasing the city’s sights and sounds.

On the 52nd floor, ten interactive virtual viewers with 32-inch touchscreens allow guests to pinpoint specific city locations.

Guests can then add information to a personalized ‘itinerary’ by scanning their entry ticket via a barcode reader. For visually impaired guests, four inclusive touch-based installations with audio description provide similar view-finding and itinerary-building facilities.

On the 50th floor, guests will experience three unique spaces that feature immersive and experiential technology that will take their visit to the next level – Boston 365, Explore Boston and Open Doors.

At Boston 365 guests then encounter a 50-foot-wide 3D scale model of the city. Immersive storytelling brings the model to life as projection mapping synchronizes with audio to display 12 looped narratives that celebrate Boston’s highlights.

In the Finale space, guests finalize their itineraries at one of 12 kiosks equipped with 32-inch LED touchscreens, barcode readers and speakers.


Delivering the creative vision necessitated top-tier expertise in digital signage, interactivity, projection mapping, immersive technologies and data-driven personalization. Projection mapping of the Boston 365 3D city model required precise synchronization of 31 projectors to ensure alignment of content across all displays. Skilled engineering was crucial to seamlessly integrate the complex, large-scale project systems and cabling within the existing infrastructure.


Electrosonic’s extensive experience in experiential technology for observation decks ensured a seamless, on-time, and on-budget solution for View Boston.

Innovative engineering, expert audiovisual design, seamless integration, rigorous testing and collaborative efforts with partners were instrumental in overcoming technical challenges to deliver an experience that sets new standards for observation decks. The technology was designed and built to guarantee an inclusive experience for every visitor.


View Boston is a world-class attraction, playing a vital placemaking role in enhancing Boston's identity and inspiring visitors to experience the city’s must-see attractions.

Experiential technology elevates the observation deck experience, setting it apart and transforming the way people discover the city. Thanks to its accessibility, View Boston opens the door for a diverse and broad audience to fully engage with the city's rich offerings. 

Project Details

Christie Digital, Float4, FrankNDesign, JRA, Lightborne, Nanolumens, 7thSense
Boston, Massachusetts
59,000 sq. ft
Technology Design Consulting
Build & System Integration
Blue Sky Technology Concept
Immersive Technologies
Specialty Projection
Audio & Acoustics
Content Distribution
Technology Master Planning
I think Electrosonic was the glue that stitched these pieces together... all of their work cuts across each and every exhibit from, the projectors you see downstairs, the projectors you see behind me, all of the screens you encounter, that’s Electrosonic's fingerprints there.
Vicky Plestis
Development Project Manager, BXP
Explore Boston Fourteen accessible 85-inch touchscreens integrated with directional overhead speakers provide location-specific details for guests to add to their itinerary.
Open Doors Six projectors create a 270-degree theater that offers an 18k cinematic experience of unique city locations followed by itinerary updates via five touchscreen posters.
Virtual Viewers A dynamic interface enables guests to view a location in real-time on-screen before presenting animations and other informative content related to the area.


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