Orlando International Airport Terminal C

Experiential technology transforms an airport terminal into an immersive passenger experience.

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Orlando International Airport (MCO) is one of the world’s busiest airports. The new Terminal C has reimagined the passenger experience, welcoming travelers with two compelling multimedia installations.

The ‘Moment Vault’, an interactive 360-degree immersive experience, features dual-sided LED walls and uses motion capture powered by artificial intelligence to integrate passenger silhouettes with dynamic content. ’Windows on Orlando’ features three 32-foot-high LED screens displaying stunning scenes of Orlando and central Florida. A third space, ‘The Portal’, is scheduled to open Summer of 2023 - a floor-to-ceiling spiral structure that will play content on 32 individual screens.

Electrosonic partnered with Gentilhomme, Smart Monkeys, RealMotion™, Saco and 7thSense to bring complex creative concepts to life, taking responsibility for system integration, detailed engineering and managed support.


The intent of this reimagined passenger experience is to make arrivals and departures enjoyable and stress-free. Breakthrough technology, photorealistic content and AI software create a unique digital installation - the first of its kind in an airport terminal.

Travelers’ eyes are drawn to ‘Windows on Orlando’ by the scale and impact of the stunning vista spanning 114 feet. Video playback on three 32-foot-high screens celebrates Orlando and central Florida with alluring large-scale imagery and audio, immersing travelers in local views of their destination. Video intensity adjusts automatically in line with prevailing light conditions.

The ‘Moment Vault’ provides an exhilarating experience — six individual 15 feet x 35 feet LED screens mounted back-to-back in a circular shape create an immersive, interactive 360-degree space. Screens on the outside can play different content from those on the inside, while carefully positioned speakers deliver the audio.

In the interior space, an AI-based motion capture system generates a 3-dimensional pose estimate for each individual passenger, using the data to integrate virtual avatars with digital content in real-time.

To support the installations, Electrosonic provides managed services that incorporate 24x7 serviced desk response and local field service technicians.


Building the ‘Moment Vault’ required advanced engineering and integration skills to incorporate 3D motion capture, interactive media servers and tracking technology that converts visitors’ motion into digital wireframes integrated into onscreen content in real-time.

For ’Windows on Orlando’ the system supports the continuous display of high-resolution content while adjusting video intensity for prevailing light. The team had to work under strict security constraints and meet challenging opening deadlines.


Electrosonic was brought in by Saco to help integrate the complex systems, collaborating with Smart Monkeys, Gentilhomme and RealMotion™ to bring the design vision to reality. The partners trusted Electrosonic’s reputation as the premier experiential technology company to deliver passenger experiences within airports. That reputation is based on solutions for destinations like LAX, Newark, La Guardia and Doha that push the boundaries of technology and redefine the passenger experience.


The ‘Moment Vault’ and ‘Windows on Orlando’ in Terminal C transforms a busy, stressful day of traveling into a fun airport experience to remember. Moments of magic create a positive attitude towards the airport, the operators and the city of Orlando, encouraging more passengers and airlines to fly to Orlando and through Orlando International Airport.

Project Details

Orlando International Airport
Gentilhomme, GOAA, RealMotion™, Saco, Smart Monkeys, 7thSense
Orlando, Florida
200,000 sq. ft
Audio Video & Control Systems
CAD & BIM Engineering
Project Management
Procurement & Fabrication
Installation & Integration
Warranty Support & Help Desk
Video Walls
Managed Services
I’ve had the pleasure of working on Electrosonic’s most prestigious projects, but Terminal C was a step above. The complex integration of advanced experiential technology is the new standard for passenger experiences and I can’t wait to see what we build next.
Kevin Mayfield
Project Manager, Electrosonic
The Moment Vault The ‘Moment Vault’ engages travelers with an interactive moment of connection. Bringing together 3D motion capture, tracking technology and high-resolution digital content.
Windows on Orlando ‘Windows on Orlando’ creates a great first and last impression of the city and the airport with a floor-to-ceiling display of dynamic video content showcasing the city’s beauty and culture.
Service Support Electrosonic ensures travelers can continue to enjoy the experiential spaces with a managed service that provides proactive maintenance and 24x7 support.

Photos courtesy of Gentilhomme Studio


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