Alif - The Mobility Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

Innovative technology on a massive scale tells the story of mobility in the most ambitious Expo pavilion ever.

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Alif –The Mobility Pavilion is the most ambitious pavilion in Expo history. The pavilion is not just large – more than 250,000 square feet - it combines innovative audio, video and interactive technologies on a massive scale with exciting new forms of storytelling.

The result is a thought-provoking exhibition on an unprecedented scale that immerses a multicultural audience in the story of human progress in mobility. Electrosonic delivered an outstanding visitor experience through the creative use of multiple technologies, including video walls, dome projection, specialty projection and audio, Holonet effects, projection mapping and video-layering technology.

Electrosonic worked in partnership with MET Studios and engineering and contracting group, ALEC to provide complete audiovisual design, integration, commissioning and support services for all the multimedia and interactive exhibits.



The journey begins on the world’s largest elevating platform - an experiential space designed as a dark ride where surround-sound audio immerses visitors in the evolution of mobility. From the elevator, projection-mapped images of horses guide visitors to the House of Wisdom where ‘wise men’ relate discoveries that led to the first wave of mobility.

Moving to ‘Act 1’, the Physical World, visitors experience revolutionary changes triggered by mobility of information and cultures. Giants narrate the story supported by projected images that show their travels and discoveries.

In a transition corridor, a pearl-shaped sphere shows projected images of old Dubai. A multimedia show tells how the city leaders’ vision transformed the city into a cross-cultural trading hub.

In ‘Act 2’, the Digital World, complex dome projection and LCD displays recreate the Internet of Things in a 12-meter diameter hemisphere. A larger-than-life astronaut with a small monitor displays images of visitors captured by an interactive camera recognition system.

In the next transition corridor, audiovisual installations recreate the environment of Mars mission control while transparent OLED displays create a Martian Diorama. Finally ‘Act 3’, the Unified World, communicates the power of thought. A complex space with complex projection requirements features a 35-meter cityscape with realistic faux walkways, mirrored projection exhibits and 2 Holonet effects.


The organizers wanted to create a world-class, thought-provoking exhibition in this massive space. The goal was to engage visitors from many different cultures and make them think about mobility and its impact on culture, travel, commerce and the digital future. To develop and deliver the many complex experiential and interactive technologies and create a seamless, immersive visitor journey, the organizers needed specialists with proven experience in audiovisual design and integration for large-scale events like Expo.


Electrosonic was involved throughout the Mobility Pavilion project. Initially, we worked closely with event designers MET Studios and other consultants to provide technology solutions, demonstrations and detailed technical design for the creative concepts.

Electrosonic was then appointed to handle integration while continuing with its design consulting role to ensure a seamless solution. Electrosonic provided a fully operational system that blends multiple innovative, experiential and interactive technologies.


Alif – The Mobility Pavilion posed new challenges of scale and complexity. It took Electrosonic’s 50+ years’ experience of Expo pavilions to ensure a successful deployment. 

In collaboration with a variety of partners, Electrosonic was able to fuse architecture, storytelling and technology to create an outstanding, thought-provoking visitor experience and communicate complex concepts in a compelling way that engaged and educated visitors of all ages and cultures. Electrosonic's contributions to the project won them an AV Award in 2021 for Venue Project of the Year. 

Project Details

Expo 2020 Dubai
ALEC, MET Studios
Dubai, UAE
252,295 square feet
Technology Design Consulting
Build & System Integration
Technology Master Planning™
Audiovisual/Control System Design
CAD & BIM Modeling & Engineering
Project Management
Fabrication, Installation/Integration
Commissioning & Programming
Media Management
System Quality Control
This remarkable, thought-provoking exhibition uses the full spectrum of audiovisual and interactive technologies to engage a diverse, multi-cultural audience.
Rob Ferguson
Project Manager, Electrosonic
Visualizing Movement A complex projection solution on a massive globe visualizes the transportation of goods and data across the planet.
Touch-to-Travel Interactive games compel visitors to create a moving collection of the Emirates' most iconic landmarks simply through touch and gesture technology.
Storytelling Reimagined Giants tell how the mobility of information and culture reshaped the world while projected images illustrated their travels and discoveries.


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