Innovative technology creates a dynamic world-leading space that redefines the way people experience entertainment.

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MGM Cotai has an ambitious vision — to become the most innovative integrated resort in the world. It has set a world’s best for the largest free-span glazed roof and the first of its kind entertainment experience in the Spectacle.

The company wanted to lead the way again with Asia’s first dynamic theater featuring another world-first — a 28-million pixel entertainment experience and the world’s largest indoor LED screen. The scale of this project is immense — the 10,000 square feet 4K LED screen would cover three tennis courts combined.

The space is flexible too with dynamic custom arrangements for special events. It’s not just scale — every detail had to be carefully selected using the latest technology and engineering techniques to create the optimum entertainment experience. Grand would be an understatement.

Asias First Dynamic Theatre at MGM COTAI, by Electrosonic  - 1080p



The massive screen at the MGM Cotai Dynamic Theater is described as the world’s largest indoor LED screen. In full, it spans almost 10,000 square feet and is a perfect complement to the mind-blowing experience of the MGM Cotai atrium.

The theater features a multi-axis, 28 million-pixel ultra-HD video wall that offers the flexibility of up to 10 configurations for different events, such as dramas, musical theater, fashion shows, talk shows, corporate presentations and spectacular multimedia video screenings.

The 4K LED screen contains 12 independent, major axes of large, moving components with on-board video screens. The stage, part of the seating area, and lighting are also mobile enabling producers to create immersive multi-sensory experiences.

Different parts of the screen can be reconfigured for smaller screenings or to create a unique surface for special presentation effects. This allows the theater to host multiple shows simultaneously.

The screen design includes extremely fine seams between the moving and static LED screens that are just 2 mm thick. This supports massive single imagery that is almost seamless enabling panoramic screenings in an immersive surround format. The overall effect is simply breathtaking.


Electrosonic’s challenge was to design an audiovisual solution that would provide a ‘multi-sensory experience unlike anything before’. This required complex studies to take full advantage of the potential configurations of the massive screen and the quality of ultra-high definition 4K video. Projection and control systems had to be flexible enough to deliver basic speaker support content as well as seamless, immersive panoramic images across the entire screen.


Electrosonic was responsible for audiovisual design and engineering. The massive screen, which can be configured in different ways, provides a superb backdrop for multimedia experiences designed to take full advantage of size, format and ultra high-definition image quality.

In its widest configuration, the screen enables immersive surround imagery. The space is so flexible that it can host multiple shows simultaneously or seat 2000 people in 10 different configurations.


The MGM Cotai Dynamic Theater gives audiences an unprecedented, multisensory experience. That has helped make MGM Cotai a top attraction in Macau and one of the world’s most innovative entertainment destinations.

The theater’s scale, quality and attention to engineering detail make a powerful brand statement and reinforce the resort’s goal of redefining the way people experience entertainment through innovative technology.

Project Details

MGM Cotai
Macau, China
9,700 sq.ft (2,000 Seats)
Technology Design Consulting
Audio Systems Design
Video System Design
Specialty Projection & LED Design
Control System Design
Detailed Engineering
System Commissioning & Programming
Project Management
The MGM Theater at Cotai brings the future of events to Macau, today. MGM is synonymous with entertainment and we have taken our deep knowledge and incorporated it with cutting-edge technology to create a setting that will redefine and elevate the way our guests experience entertainment.
Jim Murren
Chairman & CEO of MGM Resorts International

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